Monday, 15 February 2016

Tropical Skittles

New flavoured Skittles are few and far between, most recently have been Confused in 2013, Orchards and Wild Berry in 2014 and Darkside in 2015. 
There seems to be a bit of confusion on the flavours included in the bag as a Tropical mix are sold in the US too but with very different flavours than are named in the UK press release. 

The bag had a generally fruity and quite tropical scent and there were five different coloured and so flavoured sweets. 
Orange was, surprise surprise, Orange flavoured. O.K orange can be quite tropical but its a bit of a safe choice and ended up being probably the most boring. It was very nice actually but I'm not sure how much more I can say about it, the least imaginative of the bunch. 
The dark purple sweet turned out to be Passionfruit, which isn't a flavour I'd usually choose but it was absolutely delicious - very juicy and fruity tasting. 
The blue sweets were Tropical flavoured and were again another very tasty flavour.  I didn't notice any outright single flavour but they tasted just like a sweet, juicy, fruity cocktail, minus the alcohol, sadly! 
I wasn't sure which flavour pink would be as its normally reserved for berry type flavours and there were none but it ended up being Watermelon. I've been disappointed by too many watery tastless real watermelons to bother with them but I do like a watermelon flavoured sweet and these were no exception. They weren't ridiculously strong or artificial tasting like American sweets or the Pick'n'Mix style Fizzy Watermelons but it had a clear and distinct watermelon flavour. Lovely!
Last but by no means least was yellow,  I knew that it was supposed to be Pineapple thanks to the internet but I'd have guessed anyway. They too were good and tasted just like pineapple juice! 

All were very good alone but eaten together is where they really shine as a Tropical mix. I could well have been sitting on a hot beach somewhere with a very large cocktail sunning myself. 
These are by far the best flavour Skittles have released in a while!


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