Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Black Magic Mini Eggs

You might've read that I'm looking for Cadbury replacements this Easter, now Nestlé aren't much better but it's a start! 
Today's review are Creme Egg style mini eggs but made using Black Magic chocolate with a truffle centre. 
Can you believe I've never had a box of Black Magic - they're my mums favourites, her special chocolates when we were growing up - and I'm not having much luck finding out the exact cocoa % online, numbers range from about 48-50%. So it's not a particularly dark chocolate, more of a medium but never mind, if it's good chocolate that's still a respectable amount. 

The eggs are really little. For perspective, in a bag of Cadbury mini Creme Eggs you get 8 and there are 10 in the Black Magic but I suppose with a dark chocolate shell and a dark chocolate truffle centre a larger egg could prove too much. 

They didn't smell too dark, nothing like the strong almost bitter chocolates I've been munching on lately but they had more of an overall chocolate scent than the sugary milkiness in other chocolate eggs. 
The photo actually makes them look a lot lighter than they are, as with other Black Magic chocolates (that I've seen but not tried, sob, thanks mum!) they near enough actually are black in colour. 

The shell of the egg is rather thick in comparison to the overall size and the filling is thick and creamy feeling. Dissapointingly there is no difference in flavour between the two, obviously due to the texture you can feel the change but it would've been nice to taste one too. 
The flavour itself is nice, quite rich with a stronger 'proper' chocolate flavour but still worlds away from what I'd call dark chocolate due to the sweetness. 

The Black Magic eggs fell short on my expectations due to the sugar, I'm not used to that amount in my dark chocolate so it was surprising.
However, that doesn't mean they're not tasty. There is more of a real chocolate flavour than its Cadbury counterparts and less sugary sweetness - in fact, this is what a standard milk chocolate should taste like, Slightly higher (but not too high) cocoa percentage, with less sugar. 
Nit dark enough for yours truly though. 

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