Friday, 12 February 2016

Casa Adelitan Gourmet - Dulce Tradicional Envinado

I've had a right result. Not only did my mum and dad listen to my not so subtle hints to bring me a souvenir home, but they bought me chocolate and sweets and both contain tequila! I guess my teenage rants of "you'll never understand me!" couldn't have been more wrong, they've read me like a book... 

Step forward the first of the boozey treats..

Casa Adelita Gourmet, Dulce Tradicional Envinado - Traditional Liquor Candies 

And thats about as much information as I have on the sweets! 
They have a small ingredient list:
Sugar, Glucose, Cornstarch, Alcohol (1.99%), Whole Cow Milk and Food Flavour. 
There are 24 things (?) inside, 2 pieces weigh 30g so if my maths is correct 7 pieces have around 1.99% alcohol. Not bad but it's not too much in the grand scheme of things! 
As it is Mexican its Tequila flavoured, not one of my most favourite drinks but one I no doubt find myself knocking back at the end of a night out so I'm more than familiar with the taste! 

I call them things because I'm not sure I've ever had a sweet like them before. They looked like mini Churros if I'm honest and taking them out of the box threw me completely. They are extremely soft, if you're anything more than very careful, the shape would be lost and it would have been no effort at all to squish them. 
Mexico has a reputation world wide for a love of real sugar and these were no exception, I'd
 shaken most of the sugar off before I plated them, but as you can see they are still covered. 

After touching them, I half expected what they would feel like in my mouth but they were even softer than I'd anticipated. It feels like there should be some sort of chew but they are like the softest jelly you can imagine. They melted in my mouth, I could have eaten these whole without taking a single bite if it wasn't for the sugar on top which added a little something sweet as well as a pleasing crunchy texture. 
Despite sugar being the number one ingredient and the thick coating they didn't taste as sweet as I'd thought they would. Truthfully, I don't know what they taste like! (Mr.1T thinks they taste like doughnuts but I don't know WTF he's taking about, maybe he had too many...) It's not really plain but there is nothing I can pinpoint as being the flavour - it's tasty anyway! So I was sitting there, trying to figure out what they tasted like, when suddenly.. TEQUILA! 
Oh my! They have a seriously strong tequila aftertaste! Literally as if I'd just taken a shot of the good stuff - except, there was none of that harsh, make you pull a face sharpness you get with Tequila. It's like they'd taken the good bits, and the actual flavour and put them in each sweet and left out the harsh alcohol taste. 

I'm still not a huge fan of Tequila and it's not something I find myself fancying after a long day like wine or Vodka so I don't think these would be something I'd sit in front of the telly eating. They would be absolutely perfect for parties or for a drinking session though - I wish Tequila the drink tasted like these sweets!

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