Monday, 8 February 2016

Marks & Spencer Spicy Chorizo Flavour Sweet Potato Snacks

We got married last year and got given a shed load of vouchers for various shops, however we've been together for 11 years and lived together officially for the last five of those and there is literally nothing we need! We've also decided we're sick of saving things - whether its "clothes for best" that never get to see the outsides of wardrobes or bottles of champagnes for celebrations that ain't happening - we were determined not to hold on to the vouchers for something special before realising they'd reached the use by date.
We'd very kindly received a decent amount in vouchers for Marks & Spencer, not enough for say a new bed, but too much to waste on overpriced photo frames or candlesticks! We've walked round and round in circles for the last 7 months and I've trawled through the website before we thought sod it - good food is better than things bought for the sake of spending money! A few sushi platters later, we had roughly £10 left on a gift card and went down the snack aisle, so expect a few M&S reviews in the near future.
Don't worry I didn't spend all the money on 'healthy' snacks, 90% was chocolate but as chorizo and sweet potato fans these seemed rather interesting. 

The ingredients list is suprisingly healthy, literally nothing on there that can't be found on a spice rack with the exception of the actual sweet potatoes. Not only are there no hidden nasties, they are baked not fried, contain 30% less saturated fats than standard crisps but they're suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, Although I don't know too many vegans that would want to eat a meat flavoured snack..

A lot fancier than a normal crisp! On the thin side but to be fair despite only weighing 23g, there were quite a few more than you'd find in an average 30g sized bag of crisps.

The snacks/crisps/you know what I mean, had a distinct chorizo scent. Sometimes I find with meat flavoured crisps that there is just a general meaty smell but these were clearly chorizo.

The texture was a little strange, they are very hard and a weird kind of crunchy. I've not actually had a sweet potato crisp before so I'm unsure if its the actual potato itself or the fact they're baked not fried that causes the slightly off feel but it was obvious I wasn't eating an ordinary crisp. It's not that I didn't like them, they were just different.  
The flavour was extremely mild, nowhere near as strong as the scent would lead you to believe. I could taste a small amount of the chorizo to begin with, what I could taste was very nice actually - again no mistaking it was chorizo but it wasn't spicy at all.  The chorizo didn't last for very long at all before a delicious sweet potato flavour overtook. Considering chorizo is a strong flavour I expected it to overpower any sweet potato but it was completely the opposite and it was the sweet potato I could taste on my tongue long after I'd finished. 

M&S should do themselves a favour and save some money - lose all the extra 'spicy chorizo' flavours - the sweet potato is delicious alone and the chorizo barely registered. These would have got a higher rating if that is what they were supposed to be, but Spicy Chorizo is what I was promised and Spicy Chorizo is what I expected dammit!


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  1. M&S is right across the road from my work so I do like to pick up a pack of these to for lunch. They aren't spicy though, you're quite right. More bbq-y lol.