Tuesday, 9 February 2016

M&S Mini Easter Biscuits

I seem to be getting stuck in these obsessive cycles, some people call them fads but its definitely an addiction! At Christmas it was all about the mince pie, I'm addicted to chocolate year round so Easter is the turn of the humble Hot Cross Bun! 
Thanks to the vouchers and Marks & Sparks being one of the first to roll them out, I obliterated their Easter aisle - keep your eyes peeled for the reviews in the coming weeks. 

I've been wondering on twitter if someone would release a Hot Cross Bun flavoured ice cream, I really hope they do but until then I'll settle for biscuits! 
Technically they're called Easter Biscuits but the description makes it a little more specific; 
All butter fruity & lightly spiced biscuits...
All butter spice flavour biscuits with currants, sweetened dried cranberries and candied lemon peel. 

If you aren't a weirdo like me who reads the packet in depth before tucking in, the scent will soon clue you in. I could tell these were going to be good instantly, the traditional and familiar Hot Cross Bun scent was so strong and if I'd shut my eyes I could well have believed I was sniffing an actual Hot Cross Bun.

The biscuits are "mini" but they aren't that small really, slightly larger than Mini Maryland Cookies but easily a one bite mouthful. One or two looked quite plain but the majority were stuffed with currants and cranberries, I couldn't see too much lemon peel (thankfully) but after tasting I have no doubt it was there. 

The biscuits themselves are beautifully buttery and crumbly, firmer than Shortbread but not as crunchy as a standard everyday biscuit. They'd be perfectly nice alone actually, they're sweet but not too much, the butter means they didn't make my mouth dry at all and running all throughout are those spices. They smelt a lot like Hot Cross Buns but they tasted even more so -in fact, I'd had a real Hot Cross Bun a couple of hours previously and these tasted more authentic than those! 
The currants seem huge in the small biscuits and they're very juicy and chewy. The cranberries have a sweet, vibrant flavour and the lemon peel that I couldn't see had a slightly tart taste which rounded the whole shebang off perfectly. 

It's not too often flavours remind me of seasons but these just tasted like Spring if that makes sense. M&S please remove the word Easter and sell these year round, everyone else sells Hot Cross Buns all the time! Absolutely delicious, they couldn't have got 'Easter' flavour more spot on. 


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