Sunday, 7 February 2016

Banana Flavour Mini Animal Biscuits

Today's review is a bit of a strange one, I bought this box of Shires Bakery Banana Flavour Mini Animal Biscuits months ago on a whim, once I'd had a proper look they were shoved in a cupboard and put off until I truly had nothing else sweet to eat. 
It's a big old box packed out with small biscuits, they're bigger than Cadbury Mini Animals but smaller than say nice biscuits or custard creams. 

Ive got an elephant and a rhino, your guess is as good as mine for the rest. I wasn't about to go digging around for different ones and I got a couple of different animals in my first handful. I still don't know what some are supposed to be but at least they look as confusing in real life as they do on the packaging! 
There was a faint whiff of banana when I opened the plastic bag inside the box, but nothing too strong. 

First impressions were weird full stop. I thought the biscuit would be sweet but in reality they're dry with a weird crunch. These aren't a biscuit to eat one at a time (unless you're a baby or small child..) as they're so small so I ended up eating 2 or 3 each time and the first few had the strangest banana flavour ever. 
Initially it's a plain biscuit, not like a digestive - these are basically just tiny Rich Teas both in texture  and taste. I've since compared ingredients and they are virtually the same; both using wheat flour, Rich Teas have vegetable oil and Barley Malt extract, whereas these don't and these also have wholemeal oat flour and powdered whey. Rich Teas are a little sweeter and these slightly drier but they are very similar. Each plain biscuit had a banana aftertaste though that reminded me exactly of the Mr Kipling Banana Milkshake cakes! I liked those little milkshake slices but while it worked in a cake it wasn't quite right in a Rich Tea biscuit. 
I'm such a mindless eater and I ended up eating these like crisps. Big mistake. I did find the more I ate, the less I noticed the banana flavour and they eventually just ended up tasting like I'd eaten three packets of Rich Teas. 
 I had a mouth drier than Ghandi's flip flop, Rich Teas are a dunking biscuit but these are much too small for that. 
I got these in either B and M or Home Bargains, I can't remember and so they were cheap enough for me not to care and cheaper than McVities Rich Teas. If you only want a couple, don't mind a strange banana flavour or have a teething toddler go ahead and try them. They certainly won't be replacing any of the biscuits in my tin but I do like a Rich Tea every now and then so I quite enjoyed them. Once that banana flavour had gone away! 

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