Friday, 5 February 2016

Cheetos Crunchy - Cheese

Last year the UK got all excited as it was announced a pop culture favourite, Cheetos, were going to be sold properly again. I actually reviewed them at the time but I got the crap versions - the ones that are like Wotsits. 
My local Tesco finally managed to sell the untold boxes of Oreos from the international aisle (seriously, who's buying those?! you can get them in the biscuit aisle for 1/4 of the price!!) and filled the empty space with two flavours of Cheetos Crunchy; Cheese and Cheddar Jalapeño. I decided rather than buy a 6 pack of the UK ones I'd treat myself to an expensive but large, single bag shipped over from the good old U.S of A 

It was looking like money well spent, for one thing the Americans aren't going to stand for crisp bags only filled a third of the way so this bag was packed out. 
Everyone knows the reputation snacks from the US have for using unnatural flavourings and colourings and so I was disappointed and confused that there was no crazy cheese smell, just a plainish corn based snack like scent 
I tipped the bag out to get a better look and the smell strengthened slightly but it wasn't an improvement. It now had a slightly stale/cheesey feet whiff. Not very appealing but never mind!
The colour came as no shock and the photo doesn't do it justice. Absolutely neon, in fact I'm sure if I'd switched the light off they'd have glowed in the dark! 
Crazy colours and strange smells aside, these aren't bad. They are like crunchy Wotsits, in a good way - not like when they go a bit stale - but not quite as crunchy as a Nik Nak despite looking like one. They have a quite mild but perfectly pleasant cheese flavour, they certainly aren't as strong as the colour implies and a world away from what I expected. It's weird though, while they aren't as cheesey as I'd like and have a corn taste to them, the weird mismatch was disgustingly addictive. I couldn't get them down me quick enough! 
Stange. In a good way, but they didn't live up to the hype.  



  1. The cheddar jalapeño are some of my favourite crisps ever.

    1. I thought about it but I used to find jalapenos too hot, I'm a Madras girl now - do you think they'd still be too hot?