Thursday, 4 February 2016

Crosta & Mollica Quoti Biscotti Cocoa & Chocolate

This is another product I probably wouldn't have bought had I seen it in a supermarket yet it found its way into my Ocado basket quite easily! 
These are Cocoa & Chocolate Biscotti 
Intense dark cocoa biscuits with chocolate pieces.. 
Our signature Crosta & Mollica Italian 'Quote Mark' biscuits are made with Italian ingredients to our own recipe and are slowly baked for a delicious crumbly and delicate texture. These everyday biscuits can be enjoyed at any time of the day and are even better when dipped in a cappuccino. 

Apparently it's not only my postman who hates me but my Ocado delivery driver too - just a heads up! 

They (mostly) looked like little quote or speech marks! I don't really understand why but Crosta & Mollica said they would and they do. Except for a few that didn't survive the journey from the warehouse to my house.. They are very dark and I couldn't see any of the promised dark chocolate drops from the surface. 

Delicious. They have a strong cocoa scent that isn't dissimilar to Bourbon Biscuits, that is if you were sniffing the most indulgent, luxurious Bourbon Biscuit known to man. 

As good as they smelt! The biscuits are thick and crumbly with a light texture and extremely addictive. The cocoa flavour is strong, rich and gives a decadent, intense chocolate hit. 
The promised dark chocolate drops were hidden inside and although there weren't too many and it's chocolate on chocolate, they still stood out against the cocoa biscuit. Initially it was the change in texture that made me notice, a soft, silky square against the quite firm biscuit but the flavours soon popped out. They do taste like dark chocolate but have a slight sweetness too - they certainly went down very well.
 It could well have been a chocolate overload but they were just right. In the future I'd go with Crosta & Mollica's suggestion of serving with a cappuccino as they do become a little dry, that's probably down to my greediness as I polished the lot off but I did find myself reaching for a drink. Extremely addictive, the grown up, civilised version of a Bourbon Biscuit! 


  1. Many thanks for your review and comments

  2. Have they discontinued making them I can't find it