Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Prazska Cokolada - White Chocolate

Last weeks Cinnamon Dark Chocolate wasn't the only sweet treat my parents bought home from Prague. I think this was meant for Mr.1T but they realised they'd already bought him enough (he's the favourite but they're my parents!) and so gave it to me instead. I assume they were for him as this is a sweet little box containing fifteen white chocolate squares, all foil wrapped and then a paper wrapper showing a different landmark  on top. 

The chocolates are smaller than say an After Eight, but they have a decent thickness to them meaning one would be just enough to hit the spot. That's not snacking works around here though! 
The chocolate had a delicious scent, I thought (no offence mum and dad!) these would be what I call - and actively seek out on my own holidays - tourist tat. You know, cheap stuff little local shops push as delicacies that the locals love, and charge an absolute fortune for but is really a bit naff. I was pleased though that it actually smelt like good chocolate and didn't waste much time getting stuck in. 

If I was surprised at the scent, the flavour blew me away. Us Brits play quite a large part in the Czech tourist trade and it shows in that all the products contain an English translation. I checked the ingredients after I'd eaten the first square and it confirmed what I could tell by taste. The chocolate contains a minimum 27% cocoa solids - impressive for a white chocolate, in comparison the Chokablok Christmas Pudding reviewed earlier in the week contained just 12% cocoa solids and Wikipedia's description of white chocolate is: a confection based on sugar, milk and butter without the cocoa solids. It even contains more cocoa butter than sugar which is nearly unheard of for a white chocolate and it really shows in the taste. Creamy and rich, still with a sweetness you have to expect but with a stronger vanilla flavour, a proper grown up white chocolate. 
I'm sure they are supposed to be a box you pick at or pass around but there's no way that was going to happen when they tasted this good! 
I've taken a look at the website for the shop and I'm seriously contemplating ordering a few bars! I don't care for white chocolate usually, its quite sickly, but the next person who goes to Prague is going to have a large order of these from me for sure! 

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