Thursday, 14 January 2016

Oat So Simple Multi Grain Fruit Muesli

Now the cold has finally kicked in I have the perfect excuse to buy even more warm cereals. Morrisons are selling 12 sachets of Quaker Oats microwavable Oat So Simple porridge for £1 (it has to be microwavable for me, it's nicer on the hob but God help me when I forget to soak the saucepan) and while picking myself up a box I spied Multi Grain Porridge -  Fruit Muesli oats, rye & barley. 
The method is the same as the Kellogg's porridge: empty the sachet into a bowl, fill the empty sachet with milk up to the line, microwave for 2 and a half minutes, stir and wait! 

Emptying the sachet didn't give me much hope, there were a lot of oats and not much else but that's the thing with this type of easy porridge, you can't change your mind once they're open so I stuck the milk in and waited. 
The good bits must have been hidden as it certainly wasn't plain porridge after a zap - it had a delicious fruity scent and I could see the raisins, sultanas, cranberry and apple pieces. 
There is added sugar. it comes quite low on the ingredients list so there isn't much but it tastes a lot sweeter than ordinary Oat So Simple. It doesn't taste artificial or sugary sweet but rather a sweetness from the fruits which has sort of soaked through without the flavour. 

I have one photo of the porridge post-microwave, obviously porridge isn't very appealing to look at but I did try - this comes out steaming and so I ended up with a gallery of not much else besides a misty lens!
The raisins were large, juicy, chewy and had survived the microwave well.The cranberry and apple pieces were small but intense, the cranberry being the stronger of the two, and had a sweet taste that really went well with the comforting porridge. There was also small crunchy and chewy pieces, which I'm guessing are the rye and barley, they didn't add much flavour but I appreciated the texture between that and the thick porridge. 
The Multi Grain Fruit Muesli is actually described as a delicious porridge bursting with great taste and texture, and I think they've nailed it. Overall it's sweet but it's a lovely natural sweetness, it doesn't taste artificial at all and somehow manages to taste both good and good for you. There aren't many products that can claim to do that, the general rule is (with processed products) the better it is for you, the worse it tastes!
Very nice, its got my favourite porridge at the moment (Kellogg's Crunchy Nut) beat on the fact its healthier - made with wholegrains, high in fibre and protein, reasonable on sugar and low in fats and salt - but it tastes just as good! 

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