Friday, 15 January 2016

Chokablok Orange Bonanza

Seriously. I should not be allowed in supermarkets in January. It's the time to go and fill your cupboards if you're after either diet foods or discounted chocolate. A bit of a contradiction but there ya go! 
My Tesco switched the seasonal aisle to Easter on Boxing Day but squished down the end are shelves full of chocolates and there are plenty of bargains to be had. A Tesco Finest 1Kg Christmas Tree was £15 is now £3, Cadbury Selection Boxes for 25p(!!) but my eyes were on the Chokablok Orange Bonanza and when I realised it was just 50p it went straight into my basket.

A hollow milk chocolate sphere flavoured with orange oil, decorated with dark chocolate (22%), Orange flavour confection pieces and gold dusted shortcake biscuits. 

As I'd eaten the Chokablok Christmas Pudding I wasn't surprised to find a much thicker section of the chocolate underneath all the biscuit and confection pieces, however the Orange Bonanza wasn't just thicker there - some parts were thin like you'd find in standard Easter Eggs and some were nearly an inch thick and I really enjoyed this. It made the experience of actually eating it a lot more interesting, some parts were thin enough to melt on my tounge and others needed a good bite - the best of both worlds. 

The chocolate was OK, a decent enough milk chocolate taste but with a subtle orange flavour running throughout. It's on the mild side, there is enough to taste but not too much that someone like me, who leaves the chocolate orange till last in the chocolate box, can still enjoy it. 
The dark chocolate isn't so much a completely separate chocolate rather a very thin coating on top of the milk. It has a minimum 50% cocoa solids but isn't dark tasting enough to really pop out. Again the top is slightly different, most of that is chocolate and it's quite a nice flavour but doesn't have a particularly dark taste, it's still rather sweet. 

The top is where the party's at. A little pocket filled with biscuit and sweet pieces, it's a lot more interesting to eat than the majority with a blend of smooth chocolate, crunchy biscuits and fizzy sweet pieces. The bright orange balls were pretty strange, they weren't really chewy or crunchy but quite soft and seemed to melt away into a fizzy, tangy ball of flavour. Obviously you want a strong flavour but these are ridiculous. Vibrant and overpowering to the point that I couldn't actually taste the chocolate anymore.
The biscuits were good, crunchy and no real flavour to note but they detracted from the fizzy sweets so they're A-OK in my book! 
The individual pieces weren't particularly outstanding on their own but all mixed together they weren't too bad. The Orange Bonanza suffered from the same fate as the Christmas Pudding though, other than that one small section at the top, the rest is really just a ball of milk chocolate, that's fine when you're only paying 50p for it but a bit of a rip off at the original R.R.P. 
I've learnt my lesson and will stick with the Chokablok Slabs in the future - the chocolate is good and imagaginative, the circular format just doesn't work. 

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