Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kit Kat Chunky Nibbler - Extra Chocolate

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the Kit Kat Stirred Vanilla and I wondered if they were an import or a new UK release. It turns out it was one of two new bars just for us, the second is the Kit Kat Chunky Nibbler - Extra Chocolate.
It's pretty obvious what the vanilla bar would be, but extra chocolate wasn't quite as clear cut. We've had bars with cream inside or it could have been different flavoured wafers.. there were a number of different ways NestlĂ© could have made this with extra chocolate. 
Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed to smell more strongly of chocolate but other than that it looked like a standard Kit Kat Chunky. 

If you don't eat many Kit Kat Chunkys you'd be forgiven for not realising what's different. According to the wrapper the extra chocolate is just literally that - extra chocolate and less wafers. To be exact, 80% chocolate compared to 68% in the standard. 
Well, I was a bit disappointed. What difference is a smidgen more chocolate? Well 3g worth of weight, 20 odd calories and if you're a chocaholic like me, the contents of my purse!! 
The chocolate is the exact same flavour but I never noticed before how much of the taste comes from the wafers. This has a serious chocolate hit, I can't so much taste the wafers as much as I can feel them but the chocolate has a creamy longer lasting flavour. It's actually too thick to snap apart except for in the middle and that thickness means it has a ridiculously satisfying bite. 
It was like winning the Kit Kat lottery and getting a solid chocolate finger, but still with the crunchy wafers, which let's be honest you do want in a Kit Kat - otherwise you'd just buy a normal chocolate bar right?
This will be a hit with chocolate addicts like myself, but it all comes down to preference. If the wafers are your thing, I wouldn't bother. I think I prefer it to the normal Kit Kat Chunkys!


  1. Oh this is slightly disappointing - I wish they would come up with some really exciting NPD like some unusual flavour Kit Kats they get in Japan; I thought with the name 'nibbler' that it at least may have been a bit wider - e.g. extended the chocolate off the edges so you could literally nibble around the edges, it appears they've just whacked some on top!

    1. It's not very imaginative at all, in fact I don't think they've even whacked more on top - just lost a couple of wafers! In all fairness, I did prefer it to an original Kit Kat Chunky as it had more chocolate flavour but I would have loved something more like the Japanese Kit Kats instead. I've been thinking about ordering some but for the price of an import I could probably fly to Japan and buy some!