Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ritter Sport Goldschatz

This weeks Wednesday world food review is once again Ritter. Ritter Sport Goldschatz to be exact. The name might not scream eat me but that shiny gold wrapper caught my eye, I must have been a Magpie in a previous life. 
I was sold on the wrapper alone, so didn't have a good look at the actual contents until I got home. I was confused, is it a dark chocolate? Is it a milk? Milk chocolate doesn't tend to state the cocoa percentage on the front of the bar but 40% is on the low side for a dark. Turns out it is a milk chocolate with 40% cocoa solids and only 18% milk solids. 

Once again it was a hefty bar (and extremely reasonably priced as a special buy in Lidl) at 250g, British manufacturers could learn something from our European cousins - these are proper sized chocolate bars. I struggled to photo the wrapper because not only is it in a shiny gold foil but it was wet? I hold my hands up and admit I refrigerated the chocolate, I live with people constantly moaning it's cold but this house is a sauna - I can put up with the heat but I refuse to give in to melted chocolate! I assumed something inside my fridge had leaked but weirdly the actual chocolate was wet too! If anyone has any ideas on what that's about please let me know! 
Off the bat this smelt like dark chocolate, not a dark dark chocolate but not quite sweet milky chocolate either. As always it's in the standard Ritter Sport format, thick chunky fat squares. Just how I like a chocolate bar, thick enough for a good bite but perfectly sized to pop a square on your tongue and let melt. 


So it smelt like dark chocolate but looked like milk chocolate. It handled more like dark chocolate, melting a lot quicker than a normal milk and after only breaking one or two squares off, my hands were covered in chocolate. 
Once again Ritter have created an extremely tasty bar of chocolate. I'd long given up trying to decide what type this was (I know it's milk officially!) the flavour was bang in the middle of the two. It takes the best parts of both and combines them beautifully; an almost dark, deeper, rich cocoa flavour but still with a creamy taste and feel. In fact Mr.1T dark chocolate hater even really enjoyed this, saying that even though it had a bit of a dark taste it was still really creamy. Something we finally agree on! 
I'm gutted that I only bought one, I can't say I've noticed this sold anywhere else and knowing Lidl it's long gone now! It's not often, in fact it's never happened, that we find a chocolate bar milky, creamy and sweet enough for Mr.1T with enough cocoa flavour to satisfy my dark chocolate cravings. 


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  1. I'm gonna have a look for this one in Lidl.sounds lovely! I wasn't fussed on the alpine milk Ritter sport, I found it a bit sickly.