Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Cadbury Dairy Milk Winter Edition

This isn't a new bar of chocolate from Cadbury, it's been about for a few years now but it's a seasonal Christmas bar and it's so close to Christmas - my blog isn't anywhere near festive or chocolatey enough lately so why not! 
 The Winter Edition Dairy Milk is Dairy Milk chocolate shaped into Christmas trees with half of the little trees layered with white chocolate.

I have yet another bone to pick with Cadbury, and I bring it up in near enough every post I've written about them. It used to be when you opened a bar of Dairy Milk or a chocolate using Dairy Milk rather than their generic milk, you'd be hit with that wonderful milky instantly recognisable scent. So why now instead of that delicious smell, do I open any Dairy Milk product and my mind jumps to Cadbury Easter Eggs. Specifically the Buttons Easter eggs before the Mondel─ôz takeover. I was a Buttons Easter egg addict and so I'm confident I could pick it out of a line up and I'm sure this is the same stuff. I like gorging myself once a year on sickly sweet cheap crappy chocolate because I know that's what it is, it's never pretended to be Dairy Milk, so I really don't know why this should smell like it! 
Anyhow, the first few bites tasted like the old school Easter eggs too, although that might have been the power of persuasion convincing me otherwise. After a while I wasn't too dissapointed with the chocolate, it wasn't as bad as I anticipated but it still fell short of my Dairy Milk memories - not milky enough and a little too sweet. The white chocolate layers don't help on the sweetness, to be honest they don't bring much to the table in the way of flavour. They just have a sweeter more sugary taste which doesn't pop out too much against the already sweet milk, I think to really notice the difference the entire square would have to be a white chocolate rather than just a cap. Cadbury would probably cite production costs as the reason it's not, but if Marks & Spencer can do it on a mass scale with 3 different chocolates, I'm sure your empire can manage 2 Cadbury! 
I'll stick with the Marks & Sparks version, I think! 


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