Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Nobody wants to read the nitty gritty details about why fibre is important on a junk food blog. It is important though, especially as a protein heavy diet is the in thing at the moment, and so when I'm having a particularly crappy food day I like to add some fibre. Preferably through fruit and veg but I'm quite partial to a chocolate All Bran Breakfast biscuit too. 
The Fibre One bars don't have as much in as the breakfast biscuits but they manage to pack more than half the amount of fibre in nearly half the calories. 

I was shocked at how teeny they were! I should have realised as they are only 90 calories each but the box was 3/4 empty. They smelt and felt like an ordinary chocolate fudge brownie and although they were extremely small I cut it in two. I ate half straight from the wrapper and stuck the other half in the microwave for 10 seconds - I'd read online it improves the bar. 
The first, unzapped half was OK. It was quite soft with a slightly harder outer layer, it was edible but reminded me a little of when brownies get left out and go a bit stale. The flavour was good, chocolatey with quite a few big chocolate chips inside, the chocolate drizzle on top didn't add much except for a slightly crunchier texture. 
The microwaved half was much better. 10 seconds was just enough to soften the brownie up, the slightly firmer shell was gone and was a big improvement on previously. The chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips both melted and increased the already quite chocolatey flavour. 
All in all I was pleasantly surprised by the Fibre One chocolate fudge brownie bars. Eaten cold, straight from the box they wouldn't be a brownie I'd choose, although the flavour is good for a fibre/health conscious type bar. Microwaved they were quite tasty, I think I'll be zapping the rest of the box and chucking some vanilla ice cream on top! If you need to up your fibre intake I'd definitely give these a go, I'm a bit of a weirdo who actually just likes the flavour of All Bran Breakfast biscuits so they won't necessarily replace these but it's nice to know I have another (tasty) option when I need a bit more fibre! 


  1. Where are these available from?

  2. I just reviewed these and thought they were absolutely delicious tbh! really looking forward to trying the lemon flavour

    1. Let me know how they are, if they're good I might give them a go - I'm not usually too keen on lemon! :-)