Monday, 30 November 2015

Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chopped

I'm onto you Cadbury. You might have fooled some people with the new Fruit & Nut Chopped bar, but I had my suspicions so I bought myself a normal Fruit & Nut too..

Looks are deceiving, the Chopped bar might look longer in the wrapper - 

Left: Fruit & Nut Right: Chopped 

- and even unwrapped, but the new bar weighs in a whopping 25g smaller than its sister bar. Fruit & Nut in a medium sized sharing bar weighs 120g and Chopped weighs 95g. Interestingly the original has 495 kcal per 100g and Chopped has 505 kcal per 100g. I say interestingly because I wondered where the extra 10 calories were coming from if they are supposed to be essentially the same bar. 

Left: Fruit & Nut Right: Chopped 

Fruit & Nut Chopped is basically a Fruit & Nut bar with the nuts chopped up, instead of whole. 
Turning the bars over I was quite impressed, it looked like there were more fillings in the new bar. I'm sure that's what Cadburys want you to think, but you cant lie on an ingredients list! 

Fruit & Nut - Milk chocolate with dried grapes (17%) and almonds (7%)
Fruit & Nut Chopped - Milk chocolate with dried grapes (13%) and chopped nuts (6%)
Other than that the ingredients are identical. So my suspicions were confirmed - I'm not sure if Cadbury are still releasing Fruit & Nut with sultanas after all that hoo ha, but if they backtracked this seems to be their new sneaky way of cutting costs on ingredients and jazzing it up with a funky new concept. 

To be fair, to look at the bar you'd be forgiven for not realising this has less of each in, it certainly looked a lot more packed out than its predecessor but you should never judge a book by its cover - the taste is what matters. 
The raisins (dried grapes, whatever) haven't changed, the decrease in 4% made no difference, they have the same flavour and texture as before and were immediately noticeable. 
I waited to taste or feel some chopped nuts, I understand a whole nut in a small square of chocolate is going to stand out a lot more but I barely noticed the nuts in the Chopped bar. I had to wait for most of the chocolate squares to melt away leaving me with a mouthful of small nut slices. Some squares did have a lot more chopped nuts and they were a little better. The only way I can think of describing the texture would be a crunchier, less chewy version of the Cadbury Daim bar but with the obvious differences in flavour. These squares were quite enjoyable but they were few and far between, the small amount and small sized nuts may not have shown up in looks but flavour and texture were seriously lacking. 
Honestly, this might as well have been a Cadbury Fruit bar. The nuts are an unnecessary waste of money if you're not going to put enough in, or make them too small to taste or feel then take the money you'd save from the insignificant amount of nuts and give us a decent amount of chocolate - or better yet, use it to bring back the old Dairy Milk! 
A downgrade on the original. 



  1. Cadburys are just crap now.

  2. I went on a business trip to Cadbury's a couple of weeks and apparently we're facing a global cocoa shortage (due to the lack of farmers staying in the trade) so instead of increasing the price they're reducing the size of the bars and/or increasing the filling:chocolate ratio! ��

    1. I'll be happy with more filling though! They've taken them away in this bar :-(

  3. Cadbury need to stop being so obsessed with not wanting to increase cost of their bars.

    1. Completely agree, I'd be happy paying more for quality or even quantity!