Monday, 16 November 2015

The Licktators present Blur The Magic Whip

It feels like forever since I've had a new ice cream to try, it hasn't been that long really - Ben & Jerry's three new flavours didn't come out that long ago, but for me that's a lifetime! 
Ben & Jerry's are my go to boys but Mr.1T swears by The Licktators even though, as usual, they make him ill and normally he refuses any other brand. I've got a good track record with The Licktators and keep an eye out for whenever they're on special offer, this flavour grabbed my attention in my local Co-Op thanks to the strange packaging. It doesn't follow The Licktators usual theme of Sex Pistols style photos and statements stamped on the tub and I thought it was some weird Asian import!
The Magic Whip is a partnership with the band Blur, made to coincide with the release of their latest album and tour (yes I found this very late - it came out in July!)

THE MAGIC WHIP ICE CREAM is the reinvention of a classic ice cream favourite, vanilla custard ice cream rippled with raspberry sauce. 

The first thing I noticed was the black vanilla bean flecks dotted all throughout the ice cream. They don't stand out too much in the photos but I promise you they were there and there were lots of them! I hoped they would be an indication that the ice cream had a real, authentic vanilla flavour and I wasn't dissapointed. It tastes delicious and the custard ice cream is wonderfully thick and creamy, no different to any of the other Licktators ice creams I've tried. 
The raspberry sauce is consistent and there is a nice amount amongst the ice cream, more than enough to get a taste in every bite but not too much it overpowers the sweet vanilla. I was extremely pleased to find that the syrup swirl wasn't a pure liquid syrup, there were actual chunks of raspberry dotted about which not only gave an intensified flavour but added lovely little chewy bits here and there too. 
My one minor complaint, and please bear in mind I have zero patience with ice cream, was that for 3/4 of my tub the syrup swirl was still kind of frozen. Not frozen as in rock solid but just a little more solid than you'd expect a syrup to be although that could be explained away by the real fruit pieces. Once it had thawed out and softened up it was a lot more enjoyable, the taste didn't change at all but it just had a nicer mouthfeel. 
If you're a fan of Raspberry Ripple then you'd better find this fast! I'm pretty sure it's a limited edition and this is the grown up, luxurious, posh version of the old school favourite that's made with good quality ingredients. 

Mr.1T has made me include a photo of his tub. He wanted to show how it looks when normal people eat it - not someone eating carefully to take a photo for a review.. Cheeky git. 

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