Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Milka Bubbles Caramel

Remember how I always say I go through slightly addictive phases; Bonbons, Jelly Beans, Nuts.. Well I'm in the middle of a Milka one right now after how well last weeks Milka with Daim went down. 
Seeing as both Cadbury and Milka are now owned by Mondel─ôz, there's a lot of crossover between products - Dairy Milk/Milka Oreo, Dairy Milk/Milka Daim, Dairy Milk/Milka puddles, the same type of mixed bags (although Milkas are better!), and Bubbly Bars.  

The Bubbly is an aerated bar; a lighter, less dense version of the Wispa and a poor mans Aero in my opinion. So it might seem strange that I got the Milka Bubbly. I had two reasons. 1.Milka chocolate is better than Dairy Milk and 2. It's got a caramel layer inside! 
The last new Aero bar I tried was the Aero Mousse so I was looking forward to seeing how the Milka Caramel Bubbly stood up against that too. 

It looks identical to the small Dairy Milk Bubbly bars and smelt like the Milka chocolate from last week. 

The bars snap along the thinner parts and I was a bit disappointed at the amount of caramel filling. 
I realised after I'd had my first bite though that all the caramel is pooled in the actual bubbles and they're pretty full. 

Surprisingly despite the amount of caramel the most prominent part of each bite was the Aero like texture. Bubbly by name, bubbly by nature and as with the Cadbury version it does what it says on the packet. In fact the chocolate itself is very similar to the Cadbury. Suspiciously similar considering they're even shaped the same where all the other identically flavoured bars look different. It could well be because the chocolate flavour isn't as intense in an aerated bar but I was expecting the familiar Milka taste, it could have been any (nice, don't get me wrong) generic chocolate to be honest.
The caramel was better, it did remind me of the caramel that Cadbury use but a less sweet, richer version with a slight burnt (for want of a better word) flavour. Not a bad burnt but more along the lines of a burnt toffee. 
The light airy chocolate and rich thick caramel rounded each other off nicely and I did like the Milka Caramel Bubbly - it was a lot better than the Aero Mousse. I just couldn't help being disappointed that it lacked that distinct Milka flavour, if I hadn't seen the wrapper it could have passed for Cadbury quite easily. 
All that said and done, I did notice my bar was a month past its best before date. I'm not sure a month makes much difference in chocolate so I'm not going to let Milka off that easily.


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