Sunday, 15 November 2015

Asda Tiffin Milk Chocolate

I don't know when the last time I had an actual big block of chocolate was. Recently I've been all about the sweets, nuts and slightly more random things. It's a very rare occasion that I buy Cadbury lately, Galaxy is too smooth for me and I've not seen a new big brand chocolate bar on the shelves for ages. Asda have a couple of new chocolate bars out but they're both white chocolate, I had a craving for some good old milk. 

The Tiffin bar only comes in a 200g format and is just how I like my chocolate, pretty thick and not scrimping on the ingredients. The raisins were visible through the chocolate on the topside of the bar but the underneath was all about the biscuit. I shared the bar with Mr.1T (there's a first time for everything!) and was pleased to find that all the raisins and biscuits were evenly distributed, there's nothing worse than one end being plain chocolate and everything lumped up the other. 
The fact I couldn't really smell outright chocolate was slightly worrying, it just smelt sweet rather than any identifiable scent. 

Even though the bar supposedly has double the amount of raisins to biscuit, the biscuit was by far the stronger taste and texture. The pieces are nice and crunchy and have quite a sweet biscuit flavour. The raisins don't slip by unnoticed though - they're very chewy and surprisingly sweet. This was always going to be a bar I enjoyed, half the time I swear texture is more important to me than taste! There was however, a rather large, noticable factor missing from the Tiffin bar. The chocolate flavour. 
The point of eating Tiffin, surely, is for the texture? It's not like a good chocolate you just let melt on your tongue because what would be the point of the contrast between crunchy biscuit and chewy raisin? It's a bar you chew. So I really couldn't understand why, when I chewed each square, I couldn't taste the chocolate at all. I could when I left them to melt, but then I was left with a mouthful of biscuit and raisins.. 
There was no happy medium so I chose texture over taste and chewed the bar. I was left with a sweet, milky chocolate taste in my mouth after but nothing while I was actually eating. There wasn't enough flavour to say whether this was a decent quality chocolate, it felt quite waxy to the touch but the texture and flavours of the raisins and biscuits were enough for me to enjoy this, especially for a middle of the road own brand. 


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