Saturday, 3 October 2015

Werthers Original Sugar Free Chewy Toffee

These aren't new, I have no clue how long they've been in my cupboard for but I think it was from when we decided we still wanted to eat the same amount of sweets and chocolate but didn't want our teeth to fall out. Didn't last long. 
These are sugar free chewy toffees, the bag is quite small but contains a decent amount of individually wrapped toffees, I think I had around 15 in my bag. Considering Werthers advice for these is to eat only one or two at a time, they are supposed to last a while but more of that a bit later. 
One of my toffees seemed to have exploded and so I could smell a buttery sweetness before I'd unwrapped one, the exploded one was very hard to unwrap as these are pretty sticky! 
They have a lovely soft chew, I thought they might be a little firmer but they're more of a melt in the mouth type toffee. Despite this each one takes longer to chew than I'd imagined and even though they were very sticky to hold, I didn't end up with any stray pieces glueing my teeth together. 
The flavour was quite plain to start but soon developed into the familiar Werthers Original flavour, I know it has a reputation as an old persons sweet but I love the buttery, sweet taste of Werthers. There is an undeniable taste of toffee too and mixed together they are very tasty - certainly a lot better than I expected with a sugar free sweet - and although I've not tried the real sugar Chewy Toffees to compare, I'd be hard pressed to guess this was sugar free in a blind taste test. 
I did enjoy these and despite warnings to stick to a couple ate the whole bag. The warnings are due to the laxative effects excessive consumption has (if you're bored please go on Amazon and read the reviews for any sugar free sweet - especially Haribo, they're hilarious) but thankfully due to the obscene amounts of junk food I've eaten over the years, I have a stomach of steel and these didn't affect me in the slightest. I wouldn't recommend it though. 

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