Friday, 2 October 2015

Monty Bojangles Bon Bonanza

Am I the only person who seems to get addicted, for want of a better word, to certain things? I'm on a bit of a Bon Bon binge at the moment - next week it will probably be all chocolate!
After the two J20 Bon Bons (which are advertised and sold by Monty Bojangles) I didn't have high hopes for the Bon Bonanza box, this coupled with the fact I had some truffles from Monty Bojangles last year that I never got try try as they melted into a lovely messy puddle meant I wasnt very excited. 

An assortment of Salted Caramel, Clotted Cream and Strawberry flavoured traditional toffee centred Bon Bons. 

Well they look much nicer than the J20 ones! 
There was an uneven mix of the three in my bag, about 15 Strawberry, half that of the Clotted Cream and one lonely Salted Caramel. They smelt mainly of strawberry but despite the smaller numbers, I could still smell the other two flavours too and all three smelt delicious. 
Minus one or two baby Bon Bons, these were very large - much bigger than I'm used to and they had a brilliant texture. There is an 'outer shell' of a thick powdered sugar that crumbles away and leaves a hard, chewy toffee center. I loved this, I know I've said before that I want Bon Bons to just be hard and chewy but that's all changed after trying these. 
The Strawberry is beautiful. A lovely, natural, fruity strawberry that tastes real. It's obviously still a sweet flavouring so there is still that sugary taste but nothing like the crazy, artificial, sickly sweet or sour strawberry Bon Bons I've had previously. High praise here - probably the nicest strawberry Bon Bon I've ever had. 
The Clotted Cream were new to me and more a flavour I associate with fudge or proper toffee than a Bon Bon. After tasting these, that shouldn't be the case! They have a lovely sweet, creamy flavour that at times was almost milky. Again the taste was real and to my untrained tongue could probably pass for homemade rather than mass produced. They're quite mild while I was waiting for the sugary coating to melt away and have a strong clotted cream aftertaste. This isn't a bad thing at all, the lack of overpowering, fake flavours made this feel like a more grown up sweet and a bit of a luxury. Very, very nice and if the strawberry wasn't included, would have jumped straight to the top of my all time leader board. 
Last but not least I tried my one lonely Salted Caramel. I thought that only having one to try would mean I wouldn't get much to go on for the review but I couldn't have been more wrong. The flavour is spot on. It was a little strange having such a concentrated salted caramel flavour in a hard chewy sweet - it tasted like it should have been a liquid center in the middle of a chocolate bar. Rich, slightly salty but still sweet, beautiful caramel. I was absolutely gutted I only had one.   

I didnt expect much from these three and it just shows I should never listen to myself as they now occupy first, second and third place in my Bon Bon rankings. 
I ate these 10 hours ago and I've already ordered another bag. 
Sorry Monty, you'd be 10/10 if I didn't only get one Salted Caramel... If the next bag has more you'll get a revised rating!

Edit - the next bag had plenty of salted caramel so up you go Monty!

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