Thursday, 1 October 2015

J20 Bon Bons

I am officially on a mission to find the best tasting Bon Bons and thankfully for me, this retro sweet seems to be making a bit of a comeback. I've reviewed a few Bon Bons before, and the Sunkist ones are top of my leader board at the moment. I tend to stick to the more traditional flavours when it comes to a Bon Bon - strawberry, lemon and toffee and I like one with a good, solid chew. 
So with that in mind I thought I'd push the boat out and go for some more unusual flavours with these two J20 bags. 

Neither bag contain any artificial colourings or flavours, just remember this when you see what they look like!

J20 Exotic Fruit Dual Flavours 

A mix of dual colour and flavour chewy Bon Bons in your favorite J20 drink flavours - Apple & Blueberry, Apple & Mango, Orange & Passion fruit and  Apple & Raspberry

Lots of apple in this bag and come to think of it, I haven't actually tried an apple Bon Bon before. 
No single scent is immediately noticable, there is just an overall fruity smell to the sweets. 

They aren't the most appealing Bon Bons to look at, I think its all that green but I've not let appearances put me off before and I wasn't about to start now. The texture was spot on, a good, long lasting chew that stopped just short of jaw ache. 
The Orange & Passion Fruit were mainly orange to be truthful, I couldn't really taste the passion fruit but it wasnt quite a full on orange flavour - not as orange tasting as just an orange Bon Bon if that makes sense! Theres a hint of a little something else at the end of each sweet but it doesn't scream passion fruit. They are nice though. 
The Apple & Mango are very tasty, neither flavour is stronger than the other and again being completely honest neither were 100% identifiable as the fruit they were supposed to be but the mix together was lovely. 
In Apple & Raspberry the flavours were better. The raspberry is stronger than the apple but doesn't overpower it completely. I could still taste both in each Bon Bon. The two blend together nicely and were another I enjoyed. 
Apple & Blueberry were my least favorite out of the bag. I wasn't even sure I'd had one until I tried an apple & raspberry and realised by default these must have been the blueberry. The plainest out of the bag and a bit confusing considering I could clearly taste the apple in the other flavours. I couldn't taste the blueberry at all either.
I did like these sweets but my main issue with them was the fact three out of the four flavours were apple & something, it would have been nice to have a more varied mix of fruit. Although they didnt taste it at the time, they must have been mega sugary as I ended up with a sugar burnt tongue. I am the Queen of Pick'n'Mix and that never happens! 

J20 Glitter Berry 

Limited Edition Grape, Cherry & Spice Bon Bons 

I'm not sure whether these are three differently flavoured Bon Bons or each sweet is a mix of all three flavours and the packet (and taste) wasnt much help so this bag is reviewed as more of a whole rather than the individual flavours. 
The smell of cherry was most obvious in the bag, but they didn't smell very strong once I'd poured them out. 

They really dont look very nice do they.. But remember natural colours and ingredients so J20 (or Monty Bojangles, both are all over the pack?) should be applauded there. 
The chew was slightly different in this bag, some were as hard and chewy as before but some were a lot softer and after one or two chews seemed to dissolve away. Although I could kind of make out three differently coloured Bon Bons i couldnt taste much difference at all. Each one had a berry flavour, even though they smelt like cherry I could probably have been convinced it was a mild strawberry or even raspberry, just that general 'berry' flavour some sweets have. It was quite a dull taste anyway and quite boring to be honest. I expected the darker ones to have more flavour but they didnt taste any different from the lighter ones. 
I think (!) I tasted grape in one of the Bon Bons but it came and went so fast I pretty much missed it. It was like someone had forgotten to put the grape and spice flavour in the machine at the factory. I'd get a berry flavour which would disappear, and Id wait for the grape or spice to appear - it never did and then the berry would be back again. I had one small Bon Bon in the whole bag that was 100% cherry, no mistaking it but that was it. One solitary, small Bon Bon that seemed to have all the flavour concentrated in its tiny chewy shell. Who knows where the spice was!!


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