Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Klik Party Mix

Today's world food Wednesday review is a strange one. It's a Kosher product made by Unilever Isreal in Isreal but distributed by an American company from Brooklyn, New York. All the packaging and labels are in English with no other languages at all so make of that what you will. 
Klik are a brand I've noticed before in Asda, I'd seen a couple of bags mainly a Malteaser like chocolate and I think a fudge too. This is party mix 'a mix of Klik vanilla & fudge, cookie and Kariot ("pillows"). 

I was a bit confused by the description as to wether one was vanilla and fudge or if there were seperate vanilla balls and fudge balls. There were four different types in my bag. 

I started with the small round milk chocolate balls. Although the description says vanilla and fudge, cookies and Kariot the ingredients have only two different types listed: Kariot and biscuit snacks. I'm not sure if these were supposed to have a fudge flavour but there wasn't any. The milk chocolate was Ok - not bad, nothing great but I didn't really enjoy the biscuit centre. The texture was crunchy but it had more of a stale crunch feel rather than a crispy biscuit. 

The little white balls were noticeably sweeter than the milk chocolate ones. I'm guessing these were supposed to be the vanilla but again I didn't really notice any. The chocolate coating was quite thin so as before the stale feeling biscuit was the main thing I noticed with these. 

With both the milk and the white  balls the centres seemed a lot more like cereal or wafer than biscuit, I can see cereal listed but they seem to be for the other one. I think this may be a case of lost in translation! Both eaten together are an improvement on individually, there is more of a chocolate flavour which is very sweet but still quite milky and ended up being very enjoyable. 

The larger rounder chocolates had the biscuit centre I was waiting for, so I'm guessing these are cookie. It's quite soft more like a shortbread and I think it must be as it has a lovely buttery flavour too. I think I tasted a hint of vanilla but it wasn't strong enough to notice too much. 

The biggest square ones were definitely the Kariot or nougat filled pillows. They had the same stale wafer/cereal texture (but cereal is listed as an ingredient for these) but instead of making up the whole centre there was a quite thick layer just underneath the chocolate surrounding the nougat. The nougat tastes mainly of chocolate but does have a slight nutty aftertaste. 

Overall (despite how it sounds) I quite liked these. For a bag that only weighed 75g, it had loads in it -  easily over 50 pieces. Eaten individually none are that great but they do make a decent mix all together. The two larger chocolates are the tastiest by far with the shortbread slightly beating the nougat but I would like to see a more varied mix of flavours in a 'Party Mix' 
Still they were tasty enough! 



  1. Ooh this is interesting - I reviewed the Kariot-Pillows and the Vanilla 'N Fudge back in the day. If it helps, here's my review of the latter: - I was confused by the two flavours too (or lack of them) so wondered if it was more to do with the colour contrast!

    1. Aha so they are the vanilla and fudge! Ooh we had quite similar opinions of the two, I preferred them both together but I just wasn't too keen on the cereal. They sound like they taste nicer in yours so maybe mine were an older bag and a bit stale :-(