Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled

Oh Ben & Jerry's I love you and I love you even more when you're for a good cause so I can totally justify buying you in bulk... 
'Raspberry ice cream with Marshmallow & Raspberry-Blackberry swirls & Chocolatey cone pieces' 
This pint is raising awareness of climate change, hence the Save Our Swirled name and the Ben & Jerry's cow is holding a little sign saying "if it's melted it's ruined!". You can find more info at 

The ice cream is raspberry flavoured and it's lovely. It's not too strong but in no way is it plain or mild tasting and has a lovely fruity, fresh flavour while still being thick and creamy as is standard with Ben & Jerry's. 

I love the additions to Ben & Jerry's ice creams, they're never just bits of chocolate chucked in and there's always attention to detail. Here is no exception - little ice cream cones with a dark chocolate cone and white chocolate ice cream shaped top. The darker chocolate is the stronger of the two with a lovely rich flavour that stands out against the sweet ice cream, together the two chocolates are a nice mix and very tasty - if Ben & Jerry's sold bags of these as chocolates I'd buy a few! 

The raspberry-blackberry swirl is a bit strange in consistency, it's thick but not as thick as the caramel cores and not really a syrup or a jam but you really feel it against the ice cream. It's very rich, sweet and has a strong flavour. I noticed three different tastes in the swirl; a mix of the two, a strong raspberry but quite a bit was mainly blackberry - I think all round it is a fair mix of the two but against the raspberry ice cream the blackberry really pops out. Either way it's delicious. 

As white marshmallows are used they were quite hard to see at the start of the pint but as the ice cream melted they really stood out. Even before I could see them (I love nothing more than Ben & Jerry's infront of a film, lights off, PJs on) I could taste the marshmallow swirl. It's not as strong as I've had in other marshmallow ice creams but it's definitely there and has a lovely sweet taste. The texture is spot on for what the marshmallow represents, the melted ice caps and feels as it would if you melted some marshmallows down - runny, thick and gooey! How they keep that texture even after freezing I don't quite understand! 

Overall Save Our Swirled is quite sweet, the dark chocolate is a good choice and really suits the fruity swirls and ice cream. Ben & Jerry's are one of the more premium brands you can buy in supermarkets and as always each aspect of the pint, be it the chocolate, swirls or ice cream more than met Ben & Jerry's usual quality. 
And it's all for a good cause! 



  1. I so need this! Ben and Jerry are my favourite men :D x

  2. Definitely want to try this! ! How does the flavour of the raspberry ice cream compare to the raspberry Greek frozen yoghurt they did?

    1. I haven't had a raspberry Greek frozen yoghurt, I've had the blueberry, strawberry shortcake and vanilla honey one did they stop making raspberry and I missed it? :-(

    2. Yeah they did a raspberry chocolate chunk Greek frozen yoghurt which got replaced when the blueberry one came in :(

    3. See now you've said it, it rings a bell but I think its one I might have missed! :-( I might recognise it because I think they might still sell it in the scoop shops, I'll have to go see now! Haha