Monday, 28 September 2015

Soreen Toffee Apple Lunchbox Loaves

This review will be in two parts the first Toffee Apple mini loaf I tried last week and the one I had today. But there is a reason, I promise. 

'A spooktacular toffee apple loaf bursting with toffee pieces'

Soreen claims these are bursting with toffee pieces, bursting being 10% according to the ingredients. Considering the darker brown circles are the toffee pieces, I don't think my loaf managed to meet that 10% somehow. The mini loaf smelt like an ordinary Soreen loaf and apple, I couldn't smell any toffee at all. 

The filling is made with apple purée, it was very thick and didn't look very appealing once I'd cut it in half to be honest. My first bite was disgusting. All I could taste was apple, no toffee whatsoever then I was hit with the most awful aftertaste - the taste of nasty, rancid, gone off, mouldy apples. I took another couple of (very small) bites and while I could taste a hint of toffee there was always that lingering almost bitter aftertaste. I have to admit defeat and confess I didn't even finish this tiny loaf. 

I wanted to give Soreen the benefit of the doubt, I love their banana loaves and figured this might have been a bad one that found its way in. So after waiting a week (I had to forget that taste) I tried another. 

This one had a couple more toffee pieces but I'm still not sure it's 10%. The added few did make a slight difference as there was a very small hint of the toffee scent whereas before I could just smell Soreen and apple. 

Interestingly when I cut this one in half it looked completely different. The filling is a lot lighter and while the left side is similar to the first, the right could have been a different product. 
I tried the left first as it looked like last weeks, there was none of the nasty aftertaste but every bite seemed like it was bordering on it. You know how fruit tastes when it's just about to turn? It wasn't quite there but nearly. I then tried the right, completely different looking side. It had more toffee chips so straight away the flavour was improved as I could actually taste them! I think there's supposed to be toffee flavour in the loaf and filling too but the apple overwhelms it. In this side the apple was actually very pleasant! A nice, sweet fruity apple which went well with the normal Soreen loaf and the toffee. 

I'm seriously considering that the packaging must have been damaged in some way because I can't understand how the first and first half of the second loaf taste so nasty but the second half was pretty tasty?! They are in date until the 21st of October too..
I can't rate these but I need someone else to try them and let me know - for my sanity! 


  1. How bloody bizarre! I would say buy another pack to see if you just had a bad batch but then again, you don't want to waste your money if they're all rubbish! X

  2. Looks so good! I need this in Poland :(