Saturday, 26 September 2015

J20 Fruit Fusions

I have restraint shopping in real life but shopping online is another story. One minute I'm just looking thinking "ooh they look nice" the next thing I know there's a knock on the door and I've got 14 bags of sweets to find somewhere to put away. 

I don't think these are new but I haven't seen them in any supermarkets. They are J20 Fruit Fusions, 'exotic fruit soft gums made with real fruit juices and natural colours and flavours'.  Looking at the packet all I can see are the natural and real ingredients, no scientific words or names at all. Usually there are minimal natural ingredients but just enough to get away with using that label, here that's not the case at all. 
The idea of these sweets are to pair different flavours together and there are 21 combinations you can make, I'll just post about the individual flavours as that will be long enough as it is! 

The bag has a very fruity smell to it, nothing too tropical and nothing that stands out but they do smell good. They're solid, firm little sweets with an almost rubbery texture - softer than wine gums but a lot chewier than jelly sweets. With all the flavours I found there was no real taste until I'd broke through the outer seal so to speak, the insides have the same consistency as the outs but all the flavour seems to be concentrated there. 

The flavour took a while to kick in but when it did it was lovely. It had a strong sweet, passionfruit taste and was very tropical tasting. 

This was a very natural tasting cherry, nothing like Haribo cherries for example. At first I wasn't too keen - it tasted exactly like a lipgloss I had when I was about eleven! But this really grew on me and ended up being one of my favourites. 

The mango probably took the longest for the flavour to develop. It was very plain and like chewing nothing to start but oh my it soon appeared. It's a very strong, natural mango. The strongest flavour in the bag by far and is surprisingly sharp. An unusual flavour but a welcome difference to the normal fruit flavours in sweets. Very tasty 

The one sweet in the bag where the flavour was apparent as soon as I took a bite. Very strong (even more so for a sweet using only real juices), very natural and very tropical tasting. Absoloutly delicious and in my opinion the best of the bunch. 

Probably the mildest all round of them all. It has a slightly orange like taste to it eventually that's not very strong. It does have a nice flavour, it's just doesn't stand out amongst the other bolder flavours here. 

Peach is a funny flavour, done well it's delicious but it's very easy to ruin. This is one of the better peach flavours I've had - probably the best actually. It's not too strong or overpowering like others I've tried but still stands it's own against the sharp mango or sweet pineapple for instance. A very natural peach, very tasty. 

I was impressed with these sweets, unlike certain brands I've tried lately (coughHaribocough) and with the exception of the Mandarin, I could identify all the flavours without looking what they were supposed to be. Not only do they all have a lovely, sweet, real flavour but J20 or Monty Bojangles have achieved it using only natural ingredients. Impressive. 


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