Friday, 25 September 2015

Walker's Nonsuch Toffee

I was browsing through the chocolate and sweets on Amazon when I stumbled upon a selection pack of Walkers Nonsuch Toffee. I had two reasons for buying them:
  1. I wanted that banana toffee and couldn't see it sold on its own 
  2. I needed an excuse to use the tiny toffee hammer I got in another packet of Walker's toffee! 
 As I'd not tried a few of the varieties in the pack I thought I'd review them all.
I think my postman hates me, or at least he hated this parcel as half of my toffee had taken quite a beating! 

Yummy Banana Toffee 
The one I'd been after! Walker's obviously think highly of their banana toffee to name it Yummy Banana, I had high expectations. It certainly smelt a lot like banana and it was strong enough that I couldn't really smell any sweet toffee scent through it. Texturally it was just how I like my toffee - super chewy,sticky jaw ache toffee. The positives stop there sadly. The flavour was just like cheap, artificial nasty banana sweets. It just wasn't very nice at all, a shame really as I do like Walker's toffee and with a decent banana flavour this could have been amazing. 

Nutty Brazil Toffee 
This was another I was really looking forward to - mainly for the texture than the flavour. Thanks to the postman it was completely flat but no matter as I got carried away with my hammer anyway and so it ended up in hundreds of pieces. 
It smelt like normal Walker's toffee and had the usual lovely creamy toffee flavour. Thanks to my hammering some pieces didn't have any Brazil nuts but the parts that had had the nuts in them previously still retained some of the nutty flavour. Again it was very sticky and chewy but the large crunchy nuts provided a brilliant contrast. 
Very nice.

Tasty Treacle Toffee
Next in line was Tasty Treacle, made with 13% Black Treacle rather than a golden I wasn't sure what to expect. Unlike the Brazil Nut where the toffee was the main scent all I could smell unwrapping this little slab was treacle. Obviously I had to use my tiny hammer again and as Walker's put it "whacked, unwrapped and enjoyed". I need to find the perfect balance in my whacking skills though as this one ended up in only a few large pieces! 
It tasted much as it smelt, very much treacle! It was dark tasting, not quite bitter but not really sweet and almost a burnt like flavour. It was a little strange against the extreme creaminess of the toffee in the smallest pieces but they blended well together for the majority of the slab. 
To begin with I wasn't keen but it really grew on me, it has a lovely deep flavour mixed with the beautiful creamy toffee base that Walkers do really well. A less sweet twist on an already good product! 

Lovely Liquorice Toffee
This was another I was very much looking forward to trying. How can liquorice and toffee go together? I tried so hard with my whacking but I'm just crap apparently.

Anyway it seemed even stickier than the toffees before and this was the only one inside a plastic case in the wrapper, I don't know why but maybe it's because of the extreme stickiness. My first few bites had a predominantly black liquorice, aniseed flavour. Although it was all I could taste it wasn't an overwhelming, too strong liquorice. Strangely it tasted quite creamy too, I couldn't taste the toffee at first but the underlying creaminess smoothed out the harsh liquorice taste. 
Moving onto the other blocks, the flavours were a bit incosistent. Some mouthfuls only tasted of toffe, some actually tasted like the treacle toffee I tried before (unsurprisingly as for some reason this is made from 5% black treacle, 0.7% liquorice extract and oil of aniseed) and others were just the creamier liquorice. Every block, no matter the main flavour had a liquorice aftertaste though. 
I liked this toffee it was very tasty especially in the largest chunks where there was a more consistent blend of the ingredients, but I'd stay away if you don't like black liquorice - there's no avoiding it here. 

Dreamy Creamy Toffee 
Last but not least was Dreamy Creamy Toffee. The toffee had a slightly milkier scent to it than all the slabs before - probably because sweetened condensed whole milk is used rather than cream - I suppose Dreamy Milky Toffee doesn't have the same ring to it! 

Despite smelling milky and no cream just milk being used it did actually have a creamy flavour. Coming after all the crazy toffees, it seemed a little plain - I should have eaten this one first. Still it was very tasty; sweet, creamy, very chewy and a good all rounder. 

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