Wednesday, 23 September 2015

E.Wedel Dark Tiramisu

I've come to the last of my E.Wedel bars from Poland and I've stuck with the dark chocolate flavours, this one is Tiramisu. 
E.Wedel provide a long (especially to translate!!) blurb on the back of the wrapper stating "Tiramisu is administered heavily chilled. In Italy dessert is traditionally eaten for lunch, because thanks to the content of biscuits soaked in very strong coffee is stimulant. The remaining components of this dessert are mascarpone and amaretto" Thank you Google translate! 
The dark chocolate comes in about usual for E.Wedel at 50% although it looks a lot darker. 

It also follows the previous bar shapes with those funny pods on the top. I knew from the Panna Cotta and Créme Brûlée bars that most of the filling would be held inside those little blobs. Despite appearances it actually smelt a little sweeter than other E.Wedel darks I've had and felt a bit thicker to hold and to bite into. 

Again running through the bar is a thick sweet cream, this time round it had tiny Amaretto flavoured biscuit granules dotted thoughout it. The cream is sweet and rich but because only there is only 1.9% biscuit granules the cream overpowered any ameretto flavouring they may have had. They do really add to the bar in terms of texture though mixing well with the thick cream and smooth chocolate. 

I think the Mascarpone flavour might have meant to have been in the cream but I didn't notice any at all in the bar. The dark filling of the pod suggested that was where the coffee flavour would be but, considering in E.Wedels own words Tiramisu is supposed to be soaked in coffee, the flavour was very mild - more of an aftertaste. 
Overall the general taste of the bar was just a creamy sweetness. I wouldn't have guessed this was supposed to be Tiramisu but it was still very enjoyable, especially with the added biscuit pieces. I think this bar has suffered, whereas the others improved, from the dark chocolate. It has quite a strong flavour which overwhelmed any individual flavours in the centre. One bar which might have benefited from being a milk chocolate instead. 
I did really like this though, E.Wedel do make a good, semi sweet dark chocolate. 


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