Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Thorntons Little Temptations - Dark Chocolate

Tempting bites bursting with crispy flakes and fudge pieces
Thorntons are really going for it lately! Three new fairground flavours, a whole new range of biscuit and mini cake bites and "sharing sized" bags of Little Temptations in milk and dark chocolate. 
I tried the three new flavours myself and Lucy tried the biscuits, the fairground flavours seem to divide opinion and the biscuits went down like a lead balloon so I can't say I was overly excited to try these. 

The picture on the front is a bit misleading, I thought the crispy flake pieces and the fudge would be separate but they're not - they're a bit like a posher version of one of my pick'n'mix favourites the Crispy Bite. 
I quite like Thorntons dark chocolate, it's never what I'd go for if I fancied a truely dark chocolate - it's a bit too sweet for that but it's still quite tasty and I do like Thorntons vanilla fudge it has a nice flavour and a slightly crumblier texture but is still quite chewy. 
I started with the smaller clusters, sadly they didn't have any fudge in but they to be fair they were just parts that had fallen off the larger ones but they did have a very crisp, crunchy texture with a nice  flavour. The chocolate is 55% so does have a deeper, richer flavour but (for me) is still quite sweet and as each cluster is made up of mainly cornflakes I could quite clearly taste those too. 
Getting onto the larger pieces I finally found some fudge, they add a little more sweetness to each cluster but the normal vanilla fudge flavour I was expecting was overwhelmed by the chocolate and cornflakes. Some clusters had quite a few fudge cubes and they ended up being quite sweet which balanced out against the darker chocolate really well, they also added some chewiness to each crunchy bite - I didn't notice each individual piece of fudge but I could feel the difference in clusters with more. They ended up being an addictive mouthful of rich smooth chocolate, crunchy cornflake pieces and chewy sweet fudge. Separately each part might not be amazing but together they made for a very moreish mix, Mr.1T took the milk chocolate version but I don't mind, I think the contrast of the dark chocolate against the sweet fudge is what made these so moreish to me. 



  1. Thanks for the mention! :D 7/10 is quite good going.. Maybe Thorntons are getting their act together!

    1. That's quite alright! None of it's amazing alone but I got a bit addicted to it all mixed together! Plus no coconut, Wahey!! Haha

    2. Ah don't pretend to be pleased that coconut wasn't present.. Coconut is your favourite! :D x

    3. Sssssh don't let my secret out!!!

  2. It's a posher cornflake crispy cake haha.