Saturday, 19 September 2015

Cadbury Desserts

Back in July I reviewed the Cadbury toffee and fudge desserts, its safe to say I wasn't impressed and its partly for that reason it's taken me so long to try the plain version. I was also interested to see if this would be the same after another two months (!!) in my kitchen cupboard. 

The plain is a little smaller than the toffee and fudge and if the previous two were anything to go by then that's for a good reason!  
The chocolate dessert smelt ridiculously sweet as before, imagine the sweetest Cadbury chocolate you can and add some more sugar. That's how this dessert smells and tastes. 
Again it was very thick and rich and felt like I'd melted down a big block of chocolate (added some sugar) and ate it with a spoon. I don't remember the other two being as sweet as this but they did have  the clusters and pieces to break it up a bit whereas here is just the thick, rich, sickly chocolate. 
I'm still freaked out and maybe even more so now, that this is still edible (kind of) roughly three months after I bought it and with another four or five months left before the best before date. 
The redeeming feature of the plain Cadbury Dessert is that it's small, a two or three spoonful job and its gone thankfully.


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