Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Robinsons Squash Gums

Confession time. I have what you might call OCD but I prefer to call quirks.. Food has to be sorted - whatever I have most of gets eaten first (chips or the cherry flavoured sweet in a bag for example) and then in order of preference. So if I'm eating a fry up, I'll have a mouthful of everything until I'm left with a little of each and the last two mouthfuls will be sausage and bacon because they're the best. Obviously! There are little exceptions to my rules but I'll be here for hours explaining them so let's leave that there. Why am I telling you this? Because my bag of Robinsons Squash Gums were my worst nightmare. 

A range of Vegetarian gummies made with fruit juices, natural colours and natural flavours that recreate the classic family favourite Robinson squashes, including apple & blackcurrant, lemon, apple & pear, tropical, orange and summer fruits. 

Ok great that sounds like a bit of me, I opened the bag and they smelt generally fruity, took the obligatory  photo of all the sweets together then got to sorting them. 

The back of the bag shows which colour sweet corresponds to which flavour but mine were wrong! It wasn't even just the reddy pinky sweets that had the wrong names on them, they all did! I tried to sort my sweets into some sort of groups by how they were labelled but I gave up and hoped they tasted right. 
All the sweets have your usual wine gum like consistency, nothing amazing but nice enough.
Firstly I tried the white bottle which was supposed to be lemon. There is supposed to be a white Robinson logo shaped sweet but I didn't have any of those. The white bottle didn't have any discernible flavour at all, it was fruity but lemon it wasn't. So I tried the pinky red sweet which had lemon printed on it, and that didn't taste of lemon either!? It was supposed to be summer fruits which I suppose I could taste, it was nice enough anyway. 
Next I tried the orange bottle which, suprise suprise are supposed to be orange. The bottle has a definite orange flavour - Wahey! It's not very strong but is noticable and quite tasty. My yellow logo sweet (supposed to be tropical) had orange printed on it so I tried that next, it tasted vaguely orangey but could easily have passed for tropical too, it certainly wasn't as orange tasting as the bottle. 
  I tried the green bottle next, apple & pear apparently, and pleasingly for my OCD it was! At first all I could taste was apple but the pear appeared halfway through the sweet and it was very tasty, eventually ended up as my favourite flavour in the bag. 
I had three dark red sweets that were supposed to be apple & blackcurrant but two were printed apple & pear so I tried those next. Well it turns out they were another correctly coloured sweet but while the apple is nice, I wasn't a fan of the blackcurrant flavour. 
I then had the rest of the pinky red bottles and sweets - the ones that were actually marked summer fruits. They tasted the same as the one printed lemon, mildly fruity, a bit berryish but no stand out flavour. An OK flavour. 
Lastly was the orange shape marked tropical. It tasted the same as the first yellow shape I'd tried that was printed orange. Another mixed vaguely orangey but not completely orange flavour that could get away with being called tropical. 

These sweets were OK. A little on the mild side for strength of flavours but my freak out over the wrong flavours could well have clouded my judgement. Mr.1T had a bag and really enjoyed them but he eats like a normal person. 



  1. Ah we all have food quirks - I'm the same as you and will leave the best to last irregardless of the fact I might be full up by the time I get to it haha xx

    1. That's the worst when you're too full to finish but you've got the good stuff left!!! Xx