Monday, 26 October 2015

Sour Patch Kids & Big Hunk - Taffy Mail

Sour Patch Kids 

My Taffy Mail box also included a box of Sour Patch Kids. 
As you probably well know we have Sour Patch Kids here in the UK but they're made and sold by Maynards. These are the original Mondelēz sweets made for the US and Canada by the looks of it. Maynards are a decent company and I usually enjoy their sweets so I thought they'd surely be on par with these. 

One way to tell if you're eating American sweets - there's always a bright neon blue one! I think that the colouring and flavouring (Blue 1 apparently) is banned in the UK. I can't think of many sweets over here that are this bright blue - or as bright as any of the colours for that matter! Not only were they super bright but they smelt super strong too. They felt softer than I remember our Sour Patch Kids being but still firm enough to have a little chew. 
Basically these are our Sour Patch Kids on steroids. Stronger smelling and tasting, more sour and then even sweeter. I don't know what the US version flavours are supposed to be and to be truthful I didn't give it a second thought while I was eating them (hence the lack of my usual long winded descriptions!) as they were that good. 
These have ruined our version for me. Britain might have the US beat on chocolate and biscuits (#teambourbon) but American sweets, sour ones especially are far superior. 


Big Hunk 

I was winding Mr.1T up with this bar, telling him I couldn't wait to get home for my big hunk as I'd never had one before.. I love the name! 
In my hastiness to get my Taffy Mail box open the brown wrapper led me to believe this was chocolate but a commenter on that post informed me that this is a nougat with peanuts. 

It was HUGE! The packaging says " place bar firmly in one hand, then SMACK! your BIG HUNK on a hard surface, happily eat your bite-sized pieces!" Or " for a softer chew - place your BIG HUNK in the microwave, heat for approximately 5-10 seconds, carefully eat your SUPER SOFT CHEWY SNACK!" Well I like a harder chew and I wanted to use my tiny toffee hammer again so I SMACKED! it with that.. 

I shouldn't have done that. It's a lot more brittle than you'd think and so peanuts and nougat went flying everywhere. I found some in the blinds and behind the microwave. At least this gave me a chance to try the peanuts alone, they were fine; quite large and crunchy but they were unsalted which isn't how I like my peanuts but probably suits the nougat better. 
The bar smelt lovely and sweet, not sugary sweet but more like honey and is mega sticky. I wasn't about to microwave my nougat like some kind of wimp so I dove straight in! 
I have never had anything as chewy as the Big Hunk in my life before. I was, and still am undecided on the flavour, some parts had quite a sweet honey taste but a good three quarters of the bar tasted plain. If the honey was more consistent it would have been much better but as it was I have to say I prefer Barratt Nougat! 
Surprisingly, especially considering how many there were, I couldn't really feel or taste the peanuts. They just seemed to disappear behind the thick chewy nougat. 
If you have read my blog you'll know the chewier something is usually the higher I rate it, I love a good chew. So when I say this is ridiculous please don't underestimate how chewy it really is! 15 minutes of solid chewing later and I was debating giving in and chucking it in the microwave. I stuck it out though and I'm sure I burnt more calories chewing this than I got from eating it. 
Lacking in flavour, serious jaw ache and it became a bit of a chore eating it. 


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