Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dads Root Beer Barrel & 100 Grand Bar - Taffy Mail

Dads Root Beer Floats 

The next 'treat' (and this is entirely appropriate just before Halloween as it was more of a trick!) to come out of my Taffy Mail box, were a bunch of these strange little barrel shaped Root Beer flavoured sweets. I'd read about Root Beer before, never tried it, but knew most people in Europe really don't like it - it's the Marmite of American flavours apparently. And so I tricked Mr.1T, he always steals my sweets so I left these somewhere he could see them. It worked. He shoved a couple in his greedy mouth and spat them out again a minute later, so I went into these hoping to prove his tastebuds wrong. 
They didn't smell too bad, they actually smelt of something I've had before but at the time I couldn't put my finger on what. Until I tried one. Throat lozenges. These taste like medicine. They weren't that bad to begin with and I was laughing at Mr.1Ts pathetic tastebuds until I started getting further through the sweet. It was taking too long to suck and I was getting bored of the taste so I crunched into it and what a mistake that was. The medicinal like flavour intensified and I didn't want to spit it out so I chewed some more. The centre was God awful. These aren't nice at all - they'd be nicer than a Black Halls if I had a sore throat but as a 'food' I'd rather eat coconut dipped in peanut butter. Disgusting . 

100 Grand 

The 100 Grand bar is "Chewy $ Caramel $ Milk Chocolate $ Crispy Crunchies" and apparently uses dollar bill signs instead of commas. 
Toffee Crisp is one of my favourite cheap everyday chocolates and I have a 1 Kilo bag of the chocolate fudge crunch from Pick'n'Mix in my cupboard so it's fair to say I was quite looking forward to this. 

There were two medium sized bars in the pack and strangely a complete lack of the scent of chocolate. Maybe I should have expected that as there's "still 30% less fat!" But more on that soon. 

It took some work cutting it in half, and that was down to the extremely thick caramel lurking in the middle. It has a strange flavour which I realised was what I could smell too. It doesn't taste like real caramel if that makes sense - very, very sweet and artificial tasting. 
As well as not smelling of chocolate, it didn't really taste of it either. I had a look at the ingredients and I'm pretty sure this is down to the fact the chocolate is made with what Americans call non fat milk. Why would you make chocolate with skimmed milk? There was no milky,creamy flavour just a waxy brown block of (fake) sugar. 
The texture was very good, as I said the caramel was very thick and chewy but the Rice Krispy cereal pieces are a bit smaller than in Toffee Crisp so provided a nice crisp crunch against it. 
It wasn't bad, especially as I ate it after the Root Beer sweets but it's just a poor mans Toffee Crisp. I'd say it's like a supermarket own brand version but in my experience they use chocolate that tastes like chocolate.. Sometimes! 



  1. I like your new scale tab thing so much I just had to click on the 0/10 to see what was really poop. It's the DATE!!! :D xx