Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mike and Ike Tropical Typhoon

I do like Mike and Ike.  And I'm a poet and I didn't know it! 
I want to say I bought these because I really liked the original Mike and Ikes, and that did play a part but mainly because it has TWO banana flavoured jelly beans! 

As you'll see in my Taffy Mail reviews, Americans like blue sweets and Mike and Ike are no exception. The orange sweets are Mango flavoured, pink are Paradise Punch (which seems to be strawberry, kiwi and pineapple), red are Strawberry-Banana, blue are Carribean Punch (pineapple, mango and lime?) and green is Kiwi-Banana. 
Mango is lovely. Strong and sweet, overall a good mango flavour. 
Paradise Punch was delicious! Extremely fruity and tasted just like a cocktail. The pineapple is slightly stronger but not by much and all three blend together nicely. 
Carribean Punch was much of the same. Another that tasted just like a cocktail. I ate this straight after the mango, so I could pick that out but generally a good even mix. It tasted like I should have been sitting by a pool! 
Kiwi-Banana I expected to be my least favourite, but it was far from it. The banana was stronger in some, the kiwi in others but I could taste both in all. Both are delicious and I especially enjoyed the banana - very strong and not too artificial tasting. 
The Strawberry-Banana seemed like an afterthought. Considering strawberry is such an easy flavour and they got the banana right with the kiwi, this seemed very dull and plain in comparison. Dissapointing but the other flavours more than made up for it. 

An actual good tropical mix! Ignoring the strawberry-banana flavour, they were all strong and tasty and the two punch flavours were amazing. They make me want to go and lay on a beach somewhere hot with something cold and fruity! 


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