Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wawel Marcepan

Can you tell Tesco had a sale on Polish chocolate? 
For this weeks Wednesday world food review its another Wawel bar, a company I've had mixed experiences with previously, from Poland and this is Marcepan 'Marzipan coated chocolate product'. 

For a bar that weighs roughly the same size as a standard (for now anyway) chocolate at 35g, it was a little on the small side but for the size it felt pretty heavy. It was a little strange smelling, I couldn't work out what was the stronger scent; the darker chocolate coating with 43% minimum cocoa solids or the sweet marzipan centre. 

I couldn't get a clean cut as the marzipan is quite thick so I ended up snapping the chocolate before I got through. Although the filling is pretty solid it melts away in the mouth and turns into a pleasant sort of creamier, grittier texture. The filling thankfully didn't taste as sweet as it smelt but for a product that states quite a few times on the wrapper that it has 31% almonds, I expected the almond flavour to shine through a bit more. 
I didn't get much of a taste of the chocolate, the coating is very thin and the marzipan drowned out any darker flavours there might have been. I think a darker chocolate was the perfect choice though to balance against the sweet centre, milk would be too sweet. 

Rating 7/10 

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