Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Thorntons Toasted Marshmallow

Following on from yesterday's Candyfloss review, today is the turn of Toasted Marshmallow. 
'Marshmallow flavour truffle dipped in dark and milk chocolate sprinkled with coconut'
Of the three this was probably the one I was least looking forward to as I'm not too keen on coconut, I find it to have a very overwhelming flavour - if there's even a hint of coconut it's all I'll taste, so this didn't bode well. 

There were seven decently sized chocolates in my bag and things started to seem a little brighter when the only scent I could really detect was a mixture of the milk and dark chocolates. The coconut sprinkles got everywhere and most fell off of the chocolate in the middle when I emptied them out of the bag so I decided to try that one first. 

Now bearing in mind this had practically no flakes of coconut, the mix of chocolates were the main flavour. I really enjoyed them together and they had a lovely mix of the sweeter milk and richer dark. It had a good flavour and was thick enough to give a nice bite and crunch against the truffle centre. The filling itself was quite thick and creamy but still managed to be fluffy with a whipped like texture. I can't say I noticed much marshmallow flavour, just a sweetness that contrasted nicely against the slightly thicker dark chocolate. There were a couple of very small coconut flakes on top, not enough to give much flavour (thankfully for me) but enough to notice the crunchiness against the creamy chocolate and soft centre. So far so good. 
Then I ate the rest. I expected the coconut to be apparent but I didn't think it would be so dominant! To be perfectly truthful I just didn't enjoy the others, the coconut is strong and there were so many pieces coating the rest of the chocolates it was all I could taste. It certainly overwhelmed the truffle centre and was as strong as if not stronger than the chocolate. 
To be fair I really don't like coconut, I'd taste it in miniscule amounts so this was always going to be an unfair review. One for the coconut lovers though. 

I want to say 5/10 but it's not Thorntons fault I don't like Coconut. So 5 to my tastes but I'll try to be fair and give it a 7/10 


  1. Yeah this has a very coconutty flavour. Strange really since it's supposed to be marshmallow, you'd think the centre would be chewy and mallowy!

    1. Toasted coconut would be a much more appropriate name! I ate it before I'd read your review sadly or I would have swerved this one :-(