Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Thorntons Candyfloss

Thorntons have three new chocolates out, Candyfloss, Toffee Apple Caramel and Toasted Marshmallow. All three are included in a selection box as well as in individual bags and they're being sold in the place I hate most at the moment - W.H.Smiths in a 2 for £1.60 offer. I got myself one of each and Mr.1T a bag of the Candyfloss too as white chocolate is his favourite. 
The Candyfloss chocolates are Candyfloss flavour parfait in white chocolate with pink sugar crystals. 
 I bought these at the weekend and before I had a chance to try them Kev over at Kevs Snack Reviews posted his review of the Candyfloss - read it here. Now I normally trust Kevs judgment but if you follow him on Twitter or his blog you'll know he has been sugar free, so I decided to give these a fair try as that may have influenced his opinion. 

There were eight large chocolates in the bag and they smelt incredibly sweet. The pink sugar crystal coating covered everything and they were quite sticky to touch, though that may be as I'd stored them in a quite warm cupboard. 

The parfait centre has a thick mousse like consistency and is Candyfloss and raspberry flavoured. It's extremely thick, super sweet and did actually taste like Candyfloss.
One difference I did notice between myself and Kev was that I could taste the white chocolate, this might be because my chocolates were all quite different in how thick the chocolate shell was or it could be because of Kevs sugar ban - the mega sweet centre might have overwhelmed the chocolate! Most of mine had a thick chocolate coating and it was also very sweet, every mouthful I had started with the taste of the Candyfloss filling, a short sweet white chocolate flavour then straight back to the Candyfloss/raspberry. 
The texture was a big bonus, crunchy sugar pieces, a thick chocolate shell with a decent bite and a thick creamy middle. An ideal mixture of a mouthfeel for me. 
To be honest these were nice and I enjoyed the first couple but they got too sweet too quickly. Even Mr.1T, who's motto is the sweeter the better, found them to be too sweet. I'd like these in the mixed box as one or two would be just right, especially eaten amongst some darker, richer chocolates but a whole bag - even though it's a small one and only has eight - was just too much. I'd be interested to try this filling with a milk or dark chocolate though. 

This bag as a whole - 6/10 
As part of mixed box - 7/10

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