Thursday, 10 September 2015

Thorntons Toffee Apple Caramel

Finally I tried the last of the three new Thorntons flavours, Toffee Apple Caramel. 'Soft gooey caramel, flavoured with apple juice and wrapped in milk chocolate'

Once again there were seven quite large chocolates in the bag, and they contain a little more cocoa solids than usual with Thorntons milk chocolate at 30%. At first all I could smell was the chocolate - it smelt slightly richer than ordinary Thorntons chocolate but still had the sweet scent of milk chocolate - it didn't smell as rich as the Rausch chocolates (review to come) despite there only being a 5% cocoa difference. Slowly but surely though a sweet apple smell appeared, before I'd even broken open the chocolate shell.

That slight increase on the cocoa percentage really shows though and the chocolate has a slightly richer, darker taste to it. The chocolate coating is nice and thick - something I actually enjoyed with all three flavours - and gives a good bite against the runny centre. 
The gooey caramel is delicious, it has a strong apple flavour alongside the usual caramel and the two go together brilliantly. The caramel is quite thick, on a few of the chocolates I bit half away and ended up pulling all of the caramel out, thankfully the chocolate was tasty enough on its own. It is quite sweet though so I think it's a good choice paired with the slightly richer chocolate, anything too sweet and it could have ended up like the Candyfloss. It made a nice change from the filled chocolates and flavoured caramels I've had recently and plays into the fairground theme brilliantly, the taste really reminded me of being at fairgrounds on Bonfire night watching the fireworks! 
In my opinion this is by far the best of the three new chocolates and the one I'll be voting to keep on the Thorntons website. 

Rating 8/10 

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