Friday, 11 September 2015

Tic Tac Mixers - Cherry Cola

Tic Tacs haven't found their way into my shopping basket for a loooong time. I'm not sure why, but the Cherry Cola Mixers sounded far too interesting to pass up on. 

I thought there might be a few brown ones or maybe half red half brown to represent the cherry and the cola but they're all red. 
Initially they have a lovely cherry flavour, it's not very strong but completely acceptable for a cherry Tic Tac. This quickly turns into a delicious cola flavour. The cola tastes just like a fizzy cola sweet - obviously they aren't fizzy but somehow they capture that flavour perfectly! 
These are brilliant, they taste exactly as they claim to. Whenever I have bought Tic Tacs they've lasted me ages, I dip in and take a couple at a time but I was pouring these into my mouth! The box didn't last five minutes (it is small though) they were so addictive! 

Rating 8/10 as a general snack, nibble or sweet treat. 
10/10 for execution! 

1 comment:

  1. Completely agree with your 10/10 execution rating! Also thought these were a fantastic product despite not being overly keen on tic tacs