Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Marks & Spencer Halloween Sweets

It's September and for some reason this year all the Christmas chocolates and products seem to be out before the Halloween. I did manage to find a couple of Halloween themed bags of sweets in Marks and Spencers, there were chocolates too but the prices were extortionate - it seems you can charge whatever you like for tiny one bite chocolates now as long as you put them in a fancy Halloween box..

Wicked Witches Stockings 

Slithery raspberry and lime flavoured jelly sweets. 

It would be hard to miss these sweets as the orange packaging really stands out amongst all the Percy Pigs! 

The sweets look great, they're a mixture of pinky red and green and all I could think about while I was eating them was the witches feet under the house in the Wizard of Oz! 
The smelt fantastic, very vibrant and strong lime and raspberry scents and they had quite a chewy almost rubbery texture. 
I tried a lime juice witch stocking first and I have to say I was pretty dissapointed. It's a nice lime flavour - not overly sweet or sour but it is so much milder than the smell. The raspberry is the stronger flavour of the two, and again it's a good raspberry just mild compared to what I expected. The raspberry did get stronger as I worked through the bag but the lime stayed mild throughout. 
They're just quite dull in taste to be truthful, I'm trying to work out using the packet, if natural ingredients are used - it doesn't explicitly say so but I can't see any funny numbers or chemicals listed, so that might explain why. 
A shame they don't taste as good as they smell 


Happy Owlloween 

Cola flavour jelly sweets. 

I really love the attention to detail Marks & Spencer put into how their sweets look, I know it's really about how they taste but it's nice to have something pleasing to look at too! 
As with the Witches Stockings they smelt good, a quite strong typical cola sweet scent. They're reasonably large and felt like they would be an ordinary foam sweet. 

But sneaky M&S have made it so the Owls bellies are little pockets with a jelly like filling. 
The cola flavour was good, the foam parts of the sweet have quite a mellow taste but the jelly part is nice and strong. I really liked the play on textures though, each bite was initially the chewy foam then the burst (that doesn't sound very nice but they are creepy Halloween sweets!) of the jelly pocket inside. 
It's a bit of a weird sensation, it felt like the jelly part popped but it's not liquid at all it's actually quite solid but either way the mix of the two consistencies was lovely especially with the more concentrated cola flavour. 
I really liked these and I'll stock up before the Halloween run ends! 


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