Monday, 14 September 2015

Asda Extra Special Candy Floss Grapes

I missed these last year so I made sure to grab some this time round! 
When it comes to fruit I normally stick to apples and strawberries, I prefer my grapes strictly fermented but I had to try Candyfloss flavoured grapes! 

They don't look any different or smell like Candyfloss but I was very pleasantly surprised when I tasted one. There actually is a Candyfloss flavour! Sure it's not as strong as you'd find in actual Candyfloss or a flavoured sweet or chocolate but it's fruit! 
Some were a little watery and didn't have much flavour but I think that's my fault, I bought them Saturday and only tried them today - Monday so they're not as fresh as they could be. 
Still they taste good and I'll get some more if I see them! 

Rating 7/10 

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