Wednesday, 16 September 2015

E. Wedel Créme Brûlée

Staying with Poland and back to E.Wedel, today's review is Créme Brûlée. It's a dark chocolate with a Créme Brûlée flavour filling but the chocolates not too dark at 50%. 

The bar was nice and dark to look at and while it did smell noticeably darker than milk chocolate it was still pretty sweet. 
It was portioned the same as the previous E.Wedel bar I'd tried with square blocks with a funny pod type thing on top of each. The bar didn't snap into very even squares, the pod things were quite flimsy and made it difficult to break the chocolate up - I wouldn't have been able to portion squares off without getting the centres everywhere so I had to eat it all at once.. 

There are two different parts to the filling, the first is the cream coloured that runs thoughout the bar. It had a slightly strange gritty texture, that looking at the ingredients seems to come from Caramel flakes. The flavour is lovely - sweet and creamy with a custard flavour. The texture while a bit weird is perfect for the bar, it really reminded me of slightly toasted caramelised sugar and mixed with the flavour is perfect for Créme Brûlée. 

The pods had the actual caramel flavouring though, made from caramel paste it was very thick, runny and gooey and despite looking it wasn't overly sweet. It went well with the creamier filling running through the the rest of the chocolate. 
I really enjoyed the chocolate itself too. It didn't have a very dark flavour and at times tasted more like a plain chocolate than dark but it was delicious and complimented the sweet Créme Brûlée middle well, a milk chocolate would probably work as the filling really is tasty but it would be bordering on sugar overload. 
I really liked this bar, individually the chocolate was good and the two different fillings were good but a mouthful with all three together was just delicious. 
My favourite so far of the E.Wedel bars. 

Rating 8/10 

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