Thursday, 17 September 2015

Forest Feast Belgian Dark Chocolate Banana

I found myself in Holland & Barrett this week. I was on a hunt for chocolate nuts and raisins, they have a brilliant selection (I got some Carob coated raisins too, hopefully they'll be nice!) but I couldn't leave without a bag of two of my favourite things combined - dark chocolate and banana. 

The chocolate is Belgian and contains a minimum of 56% cocoa and these chocolate bananas are free from artificial additives so you don't have to feel guilty at all eating these - they're good for you ;-)
I assumed they would be chocolate covered banana chips, not that it says chips anywhere on the bag, so they didn't look at all how I expected... 

I'm not even going to type what they looked like as people might be eating while reading this and I wouldn't want to put you off..
Anyway you shouldn't judge a book by its cover and all that jazz, they smelt amazing with a very strong banana scent. That was surprising in itself as as you can see, there's a hard quite thick cocoa/chocolate coating which would normally drown out any banana but I could barely smell the chocolate. 

Put bluntly, these are the ugliest things I've ever eaten but probably the best chocolate covered fruit I've ever eaten too. They have a weird texture - not quite crunchy, not quite chewy but it was very pleasant, the texture took a backseat to the taste though. 
The fact each nugget (ha) is actually a long chunk of banana rather than a chip means the banana flavour is actually the stronger and it's beautifully sweet and natural tasting. The chocolate is very rich, it doesn't taste too dark or have an extremely strong flavour but is dark enough to balance out the sweetness from the banana. While the banana is the dominant flavour the chocolate really developed the more I ate and after finishing it was the chocolate I could still taste in my mouth for a while! 
These Belgian Chocolate Bananas were absoloutly delicious, sweet and rich with a real banana flavour and a decent chocolate covering. I couldn't ask for more! 



  1. They sound amaaaazing! I want but daren't! Haha x

    1. Nooo stay away from the banana you! X

    2. I had a terrible reaction when I was - Carrot cake with sneaky bananas in = Disaster! Haha x

    3. When I was away* Ive just noticed that typo haha x