Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Caramac Giant Buttons

Well I must say I'm surprised I even got to try these, my husband is a Caramac fiend, we bought three bags last week and I hid myself one of the bags. He had a good look for mine after he inhaled two bags but I obviously hid well! 

This is the second new Caramac product I've tried in as many weeks which is quite intriguing after so long with no new Caramac products at all, maybe we're going to see a whole host of new stuff. 
They're giant buttons so nice and big but I had a few sneaky small ones! The smell was unmistakably Caramac, very sweet and caramel-y. 
They tasted as they should, fans of Caramac will be pleased especially with the amount you get in a bag compared to the size of a normal Caramac bar. They are nice and creamy with both a good bite and thick melty mouthfeel. Nowhere on the packet is Caramac described as chocolate - just caramel flavoured buttons - so these are just sugar and fat basically and I really noticed, compared to any type of chocolate button, that they melted a whole lot quicker and I ended up with Caramac covered hands! 
Don't get me wrong I found these addictive and I polished off the sharing sized bag in one go but they weren't quite as moreish to me, as chocolate buttons. I also regretted eating the whole bag as by the end they'd become pretty sickly, I'll eat them again but not quite as many at once! 

Rating 7/10 


  1. I've been trying to get my hands on these after reading multiple reviews on them and still they continue to evade me - hope I can find them soon, look and sound delicious.

    1. Poundland :-) I think they were released everywhere yesterday/today though.