Saturday, 29 August 2015

Otis Spunkmeyer Lemon & White Chocolate Muffin

Onto the third of the four flavours of Otis Spunkmeyer muffins taking up the top half of my freezer - Lemon & White Chocolate. 
I normally avoid fruity muffins, they sound too much like something that's good for you - if I'm going to eat one I'm after a big, sugary, probably give me diabetes, more chocolate than cake muffin. I know the reality probably couldn't be any further from the truth but the naughtier it seems the better! 

So the Lemon & White Chocolate is another I've always passed on. It's hard to see in the photo (I had to use the flash on my camera, I had a late night muffin craving and the whole house was pitch black!) but there is a scattering of sugar crystals all over the top of the muffin and although they don't stand out against the light muffin a number of large white chocolate chunks too. 

The muffin was lovely and soft, firm but still squidgy and smelt buttery almost like a monster fairy cake. I wasn't looking forward to an overwhelming lemon but it's not too strong at all. The muffins themselves are made with buttermilk and lemon zest so they have that lovely thick, creamy flavour with a delicious subtle lemon that crept up with each mouthful. It made for a good pairing with the white chocolate chunks, again they are nice and big and I really enjoyed the texture change between the soft dough and the smooth chocolate, the large chunks were literally melting on my tounge.  Of the three chocolates used the white is the sweetest by far so while this muffin had less amount wise than the others, it's the right choice combined with the sweet lemon and sugar crystals. The sugar crystals (called Sugar Pearls on the ingredients ooer!) don't add much flavour wise, they're just sugar after all, but add another layer to the texture. A nice, sweet, satisfying crunch on top of everything else and I was pretty impressed. 
I didn't expect myself to rate this too highly but in truth it was very good. It was very moreish and seemed almost light to eat. In my head this is the muffin I'd have for breakfast or a sweet treat during the day whereas Triple Chocolate will always be my filthy, chocolatey, woops I've eaten four, not so guilty pleasure. They're both delicious in their own rights but really can't be compared. 
Rating 8/10 

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