Thursday, 27 August 2015

Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Muffin

I posted on Wednesday about how Otis Spunkmeyer very generously sent me 25 muffins, they say it was to make up for the delay in getting back to me regarding stockists close to me, I think it was to shut up my incessant bugging them about my love of the Triple Chocolate muffin. The amazing box they sent me not only contained 10 of my beloved but a mixture of all the other flavour muffins they sell. 

Now I'll be honest, I've never tried any of the other Otis Spunkmeyer muffins - my love of the Triple Chocolate meant I picked that flavour always. So today is my first try of the Chocolate Chip Muffin. I wasn't too worried that I wouldn't enjoy it, the muffin itself more than proved itself previously but I did wonder how the flavour would stand up against my favourite. 

It's another very decently sized treat, no mini muffins here and again it's packed with large chocolate chunks. I've actually gone back to the bag since and this is the muffin with the least amount of chunks in it - some of them have close to double! With the amount of chocolate chunks, I thought that this would smell chocolatey but out of the packet it smelt extremely buttery. As expected the muffin itself had a lovely moist, soft texture though whilst eating, it had a slightly firmer chew and felt denser to hold. 

The muffin had a lovely buttery flavour that was so moreish and again was just right on the richness. I thought this would be a typical chocolate muffin - milk chocolate chips, but this has milk chocolate chunks and dark chocolate chips. I wondered what the difference between chunk and chip was but it became evident once I'd started eating. The milk chocolate chunks are the larger ones on the top - massive,sweet and milky. The dark chocolate chips are around half the size and for good reason, the chocolate used is of a good quality and is a rich, deep dark chocolate, if they were the same size as the milk they'd be too much. It really improves the muffin that decent chocolates are used, rather than just having an overall chocolate flavour it's easy to pick out the two different tastes and the sweet milk and rich dark taste so good with the buttery muffin. 
On the one hand I'm pleased I never tried these first as I'd probably have never got round to trying the Triple Chocolate, but on the other hand I've been missing out and now I've only got three of these left! Eek! 

Rating 9/10.

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