Wednesday, 26 August 2015

El Almendro Turrón Crocanti con Chocolate

Today's Wednesday world food review comes to you from Spain via T.K.Maxx. 
I had no plans to buy any more snacks, if you follow me on Twitter (@OneTreat) you might have seen I have more than enough goodies to see me through a while, but as always I went into T.K.Maxx to buy a purse and ended up leaving with a purse, two wallets, two watches and this Almond Turrón. 
A little tip - if you do want to buy one, check T.K.Maxx first, I got this for £1.99 and they're anywhere from £4 for one this sized to £20 for the more full sized on Amazon, without delivery!

Turrón is also known as torró (Catalan), torrone (Italian, Brazilian Portuguese), turrone (Sardinian),  torrão (European Portuguese) or nougat and is typically made of honey, sugar, egg whites and toasted almonds or other nuts. The Spanish variety usually comes in two types, hard or soft. 
This pack, the Crocanti con Chocolate is made up of 53% almonds, honey and 7.5% of the bar is chocolate with a 35% cocoa minimum. 
It smelt delicious -  very nutty, chocolatey and sweet. Everything I look for! The Turrón itself was in a plastic wrapper inside the box and removing it was hard, it's extremely sticky to touch as there is a lovely honey coating all over the top. 
If you suffer in any way at all with your teeth and were planning on trying this I'd stop right here! Crunchy would be an understatement, the almonds are thick enough but the honey on top adds another level of chew to each mouthful, it was quite a jaw workout trying to chew threw the nuts and avoid the whole thing sticking to my teeth! The honey not only adds stickiness to the Turrón but seriously ups the sweetness. Touch wood I have no problems with my teeth, but before I'd even swallowed my first bite my teeth were stinging (hopefully you'll know what I mean with that!). 
The almonds were the first flavour I noticed, then the honey. The chocolate was quite uneven across the bottom so it was noticeably absent in taste for the first part of my bar, I was trying to taste it but the other two flavours were quite overpowering anyway. 
The more of this I ate, the more my teeth hurt -  it was a bit too addictive to stop because of a little pain though! 
I finally got to a section with a thicker layer of chocolate and it's a shame it's so thin across the bottom - they've used good stuff. The chocolate flavour actually ended up stronger than the honey and it was delicious, I'd happily eat a bar of the chocolate alone. 
Strangely this is advertised as a snack pack, it's 75g so about three quarters the size of a 'sharing' block of chocolate but there is no way I could have eaten a larger sized bar of this - my teeth would have fallen out!! 
Very moreish, I'd like to try one with a bit thicker chocolate though. 

Rating 7/10 

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