Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Otis Spunkmeyer & Triple Chocolate Muffins

Once upon a time there was a girl who was the pickiest eater of all time. There was no breakfast in all the land she liked and so everyday around 11am she became ravenous. So for all of her secondary school years (11-15 years old), everyday, she would have a packet of Nik Naks, a Dr Pepper and an Otis Spunkmeyer triple chocolate muffin from the vending machine. The pickiest eater alive didn't realise and took for granted that when she left school at 15 she wouldn't eat or even see another Otis Spunkmeyer muffin for 10 years. 

Well fast forward 10 years and that fussy eater has grown up into me - I'll eat anything once and have tried some of the tastiest and not so tastiest food the world has to offer but I'm still searching for those triple chocolate muffins. I stumbled across a press release probably about a year ago now, saying that Otis Spunkmeyer (an American company) had teamed up with a company over here in the UK to release their products on general sale - I think they were more catering/schools before. I tried to find them myself to much frustration but I couldn't find them anywhere so I had the bright idea of tweeting Otis Spunkmeyer to find out where I could buy them. There's a reason I'm waffling on - I promise! 
After a few emails and tweets we've come to the conclusion there isn't anywhere near me, but - and this is the reason for the essay - Otis's customer service is absolutely outstanding. You're probably reading this thinking "oh you have a blog it's because you'll write about them" but I was emailing the company under my personal details, my name, address etc. I received an email asking me if anyone would be at home on a certain date and I was completely gobsmacked when a huge refrigerated lorry pulled across my drive on the day and a man appeared with TWENTY FIVE muffins (frozen so they'd last!), ten of which are triple chocolate (as noted "because they're my favourite") "as compensation and to apologise in the delay in getting back to me". Seriously. The 'delay' was around a week and when you've been waiting ten years for something I didn't mind too much at waiting that week. 
Honestly, if this is the American way for customer service they need to bring that over to the UK everywhere. And before there's any confusion, I wasn't sent anything in exchange for a review - there was no mention of the word anywhere, it was purely to make up for me waiting a week for a reply to an email! Amazing. 

Now enough of the praise, on to the long awaited muffin! 
I'll only be reviewing one at a time, I expected after ten years and after the example of other companies (coughCadburycough) that these would be smaller than in my memories, but they might even be bigger! My mum worked somewhere that sold these too and (after stealing a Blueberry muffin for herself) also said "good to see they haven't shrunk them". 

It's a beast! This is a muffin for chocoholics for sure, not only is the muffin itself chocolate but it has milk, dark and white chocolate chunks. There are no chips here - the chunks are huge too. 

They smelt delicious and exactly as I remembered, chocolate heaven. I struggled removing it from the plastic wrapping as it was so moist and soft - they're very squidgy and I ended up with chocolate fingers before I'd even taken a bite. I'm not going to lie, I was scared - I'd built them up so much in my head that I was worried they'd changed the recipe or my tastebuds had changed or I was just remembering wrong, but I needn't have. 
It was perfect. Light, fluffy, airy, moist - you give me a positive adjective and I'll add it to the list! It wasn't dry or stodgy at all and unlike some other cake products I've had recently I didn't reach for a drink at all let alone half way through. The chocolate muffin itself was just rich enough to taste luxurious without being too much for the large size (I'm not going to only eat half!) the huge chunks stay firm, crunchy and really stand out against the soft muffin, the chocolate is a decent enough quality that you can really tell the difference between each one without looking - especially the white chocolate chunks. 
Really this was everything I remembered and more. I'm going to have to try and limit myself so my stash doesn't run out too soon. 

Rating 10/10 

Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and Lemon and White Chocolate reviews to come soon! 


  1. Aww that's so sweet! I have a similar memory with Otis Spunkmeyer, only it was at Uni and it involved lots of their cookies that were sold in our campus canteen. I remember them being massive and really soft and chewy. I would basically have one for lunch lol. Never seen them for sale again in the 'real world' either.

    1. On Instagram people have found them in a few Londis and Nisas and in their emails to me the closest places anywhere near me are 36 miles away in a few small coffee shops so it's pure luck if you can find one! But they did say in the emails they're hoping to expand a lot in the near future, I think they've only been back in the UK for not even a year yet. Fingers crossed because these aren't gonna last me too much longer haha!

    2. ooh I'll keep an eye in Londis and local shops. Although to be honest it's probably a good thing that they aren't easily available to me!

      Haha I bet they'll last for awhile yet - enjoy! :)