Wednesday, 2 September 2015

E.Wedel Panna Cotta

Back to E.Wedel and Poland with this weeks world food review. It's a bar I've been eyeing up for a while but I'd only seen it in huge 200g bars, I managed to find a smaller single bar though so I grabbed it. 
This is a milk chocolate with Panna Cotta flavour filling. 

The Panna Cotta filling is a mixture of cream and raspberry and the raspberry is made with raspberry juice concentrate, it smelt very strong - as soon as I opened the wrapper all I could smell was the raspberry, no chocolate scent at all. The bars pretty cool looking and makes a change from a boring block of chocolate.

I snapped the first block off along the little indentations and all I could see was the cream, it had no noticable scent - I could still just smell the raspberry! 

Snapping that little block in half again revealed the source! Taking my first bite I felt the texture of the cream first, it was quite thick but I didn't notice too much flavour. Almost instantly the raspberry flavour kicked in and it was just as strong as the smell. I've found E.Wedel to be a bit hit and miss on fillings but the raspberry was pretty decent. It actually tastes fruity rather than an artificial chocolate bar filling - E.Wedel using real ingredients in their bars does pay off sometimes! It was very sweet but not too much and tasted summery and somewhat (for chocolate) refreshing. 
The chocolate was fine, same as with all the other bars but both the chocolate and cream were overwhelmed by the jam like, strong raspberry. 
Now if I'd left the review there it would be getting a 7/10 but the last two squares I ate had an awful acidic, sort of sour flavour in them. It was stronger than the raspberry which is saying something. I couldn't work out if it was the flavour of the cream appearing or something had gone a bit wrong with the jammy part but it was absoloutly disgusting. 
I'll give the bar the benefit of the doubt and assume something was wrong with the last two squares but it does knock the rating down a bit. 

Rating 6/10 


  1. Bleh, this chocolate is disgusting! I hate all flavour from Wedel :P

  2. Oh I quite liked it apart from the end, I hope that doesn't mean it's supposed to taste how the last two squares did! It made a nice change from the filled chocolates we get in the UK anyway :-)