Monday, 17 August 2015

Walkers Marmite Crisps

I know I've mentioned my love of Marmite on this blog before. Marmite anything, you name it if it's Marmite related I'll devour it. Except that is, for the Marmite crisps. 
I'm pretty sure I've spoke of my love for the original Marmite crisps on here before aswell. Note the word original, from 2002 till 2009 Walkers made Marmite crisps and my god they were delicious. However in 2009 the licence ran out and Unilever took over production alongside the Marmite flavoured peanuts, cashews, rice cakes etc. In my opinion (and that of everyone else I've spoken to) the new Marmite crisps are an inferior version - while the nuts I've tried are lovely, the crisp itself isn't as nice as the Walkers and the flavour is just not as nice.
Fast forward 6 years and finally, finally Walkers have rereleased their version as part of a 'Bring it back' campaign - also including Beef & onion, Cheese & chive, Lamb & mint, Barbecue and Toasted cheese - where you vote for which discontinued flavour you'd like to see return.

I had the impression that Marmite was one of the flavours you could vote for, so when I saw them in Londis I literally bought every bag they had on the shelves. It turns out (and I have absolutely no problem with making this mistake!) that Marmite are already back for good and the voting is to choose what flavour is to return with it. 
I was nervous before I opened it that they wouldn't live up to the memories I had, I could remember exactly how they tasted even six years later! But as soon as I opened the bag I knew I had nothing to worry about. They smelt identical to my memories and they tasted exactly as I remembered. 
They aren't ridiculously Marmitey, less so than the Unilever version but I think that's better as its a much nicer flavour. There's not too much to write about, Walkers usual crisps just with a delicious salty, umami Marmitey coating. Although they aren't overly flavoured, you'd better like Marmite as the taste hangs around - I can still taste them an hour after I've eaten them! 
Can you tell how excited I am that these are back? 


  1. Completely disagree, the Marmite own brand crisps are much nicer and don't taste as obviously mass produced. "Aswell" isn't a word either.

    1. Oh that's a shame you didn't like them, seeing as they've been chosen to return for good I bet you hope the other Marmite ones don't disappear.. Oops didn't realise about aswell, my iPad likes to make up its own words sometimes. Never mind it's only a bit of fun hey